Wild Trout Fisheries Management Program


Anglers in north east Victoria have expressed concerns regarding the status of wild trout populations with reports of poor fishing across many streams, particularly during summer of 2013-14. Similar reports of poor fishing in wild trout streams have also been reported in locations outside Victoria including New South Wales, Tasmania and New Zealand.

In response to Victorian concerns, The Victorian Fisheries Authority commissioned Arthur Rylah Institute researchers to conduct population surveys of four north east trout streams in February 2014. The results were presented to a trout reference group, a public meeting in Mansfield and the state-wide Recreational Fishing Roundtable forum. In July 2014, a "Wild trout fisheries management program" was developed and later approved in September. It is a collection of nine projects over three years that aims to deliver:

  • A clearer understanding of the cause(s) of the decline in wild trout fisheries,
  • Better understanding of of priority trout populations' health and status,
  • Improved engagement with fishers to share our understanding of trout fisheries management, science and factors that drive the fishery,
  • More responsive management of wild trout recreational fishing in Victoria, and
  • Improved fishing opportunities for wild trout in Victoria.

Principle questions being addressed

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Wild Trout Conference Proceedings

To learn more about wild trout download Talk Wild Trout Conference proceedings.


View the Talk Wild Trout 2015 Conference presentation videos.

For a full copy of the Talk Wild Trout 2015 Conference proceedings, please email Taylor.hunt@vfa.vic.gov.au

Wild trout myths busted

Wild trout fishing in Victoria is incredibly important and provides enormous social and economic benefits to anglers and regional communities.

Over the past five years the Victorian Government and trout fishers have invested heavily in better understanding our wild trout fishery and what we can do to manage and improve wild trout fishing for all anglers.

The following Freshwater Fishing Magazine article provides a summary overview of some of the key findings from the Wild Trout Fisheries Management Program.