Small Grants Program

Objective of the Small Grants Program

To provide funding of up to $5,000 (GST exclusive) for small recreational fishing projects which benefit public recreational fishing in Victoria.Allansford Angling Club received $2,653 to install safety rails on the West Jetty at Jubilee Park, Warrnambool

Since its inception in March 2010, the Small Grants Program has funded in excess of 400 projects worth more than $1 million.

Some successful small grants include:

What can the Small Grants Program fund?

At the discretion of the Recreational Fishing Licence Trust Advisory Committee, the Small Grants Program will provide funding under the following categories:

Recreational fishing access and infrastructure

Examples of what can be funded:

  • installation of solar lighting above fishing platforms
  • fish cleaning tables
  • directional, educational and information signage
  • fence-stiles, gates, access paths, stairs and/or walkways to improve access to public fishing locations
  • pontoons or jetties

*Projects providing all abilities access are encouraged where appropriate.

Community fishing events

Funding is available for events or programs that:

As a guide, events could include:

  • a workshop or training session on aspects of recreational fishing such as knot- or fly-tying, rig-setting, bait collection and application, fish catch and release techniques,
  • 'Come and try' fishing days, Fish-a-thons, or club promotion days
  • displays at shows and expos

*Funding for guest speakers at events may be considered

Education projects

Funding is available for education projects that:

  • promote responsible and sustainable recreational fishing practice

As a guide, education projects could include:

  • the preparation of educational material such as brochures, reports, digital and social media, DVDs, radio programs

The Small Grants Program is unable to fund:

  • Natural persons;
  • The purchase of equipment for a group's exclusive use, competitions, prizes, give-aways, or alcohol for any events;
  • General operating or travel costs not directly associated with a project/event;
  • The stocking of fish (including the purchase, transportation and/or the release of fish for an event);
  • Projects assessed as having little value or no benefit to public recreational fishing in Victoria

Steps to apply for a Small Grant

Step 1: Read the information on this page.

Step 2: Make yourself familiar with the Small Grants Program Guidelines and Conditions (WORD - 1.5 MB)

Step 3: Complete the small grant online application form

For further information contact:

The Secretariat
Recreational Fishing Grants Program
PO Box 4509
Victoria 3001

Tel. (03) 8392 6872 or email