Recreational Fishing Grants Program

Every year the Victorian Government, through the Recreational Fishing Licence Trust Account, disburses revenue derived from the sale of Recreational Fishing Licences to projects that will improve recreational fishing in Victoria.

Since its inception in 2001, the Recreational Fishing Grants Program (RFGP) has funded over 600 projects, worth more than $21 million throughout Victoria. The RFGP comprises three separate programs including:

  • A Small Grants Program that is continually open to fund small projects (up to $5,000 - GST Exclusive)
  • An Intermediate Grants Program that is continually open to applications from angling clubs and associations and not-for-profit community groups ($5,000 - $50,000 GST Exclusive)
  • A Large Grants Program (for projects from $5,001 to $100,000 - GST Exclusive)
  • A Commissioning Program for large priority projects (generally in excess of $100,000).

RFL revenue will continue to be provided for fish stocking. For ALL fish stocking proposals contact Taylor Hunt of the Victorian Fisheries Authority on 0418 478 028 during normal business hours.

Your fees at work

Yambuk Lake Fishing Platform

Applying for a grant?

Small Grants Program, for grants up to $5,000 (GST Exclusive).

Intermediate Grants or grants from $5,001 up to $100,000 (GST Exclusive).

Large Grants Program, for grants from $5,001 up to $100,000 (GST Exclusive).

Who provides advice on what may be funded?

The Recreational Fishing Licence Trust Advisory Committee (formerly known as the Recreational Fishing Grants Working Group) advises the Victorian Government on how fishing licence fees should be allocated to projects that improve recreational fishing.

Further information

Contact: The Secretariat, Recreational Fishing Grants Program

Address: PO Box 4509, Melbourne, Victoria 3001

Telephone: (03) 8392 6872