Contributions from Lake Eildon

Project 6

Project 6. Is reduced Lake Eildon trout stocking impacting river trout fisheries?

The trout population relationship between Lake Eildon and the inflowing rivers is not well understood.

Action: Subject to stock differentiation, assess the contribution of Lake Eildon stocked fish in river populations.

  • How will this help?: Understanding the contribution of lake fish to the river fishery and river fish to the lake fishery will inform fisheries management practices such as the effectiveness of fish stocking in Lake Eildon and closed seasons in rivers. If we can distinguish between hatchery and wild stock fish, this will have broad implications for the future assessment and improved management of Victorian trout stocking program.

Year 1 results

Smarter trout stocking - Year 1 (PDF - 318.6 KB)
Smarter trout stocking - Year 1 (WORD - 1.4 MB)