Fisheries Officer Compliments and Complaints

Compliments and Complaints against fisheries officers

The Victorian Fisheries Authority (VFA) strives to provide the highest level of service and ensure our personnel demonstrate the highest levels of professional standards, ethics and integrity.  Enforcing the law is a difficult and complex job in today's society and mistakes can be made.  At times the actions of fisheries officers may fall short of your expectations.

At other times the service will meet or exceed your expectations and you may wish to compliment a fisheries officer or employee of the Victorian Fisheries Authority.

Making a Compliment

In order to continue to provide quality service to the community, the Victorian Fisheries Authority needs assistance, and while personnel are valued, any recognition of their good work and efforts is greatly appreciated.

The Victorian Fisheries Authority welcomes constructive feedback on the performance of personnel so that it can continue to provide or improve the level of service to the community.

If you wish to compliment the actions of a fisheries officer or any VFA personnel, you may do so by writing a letter to the Director Education and Enforcement, Victorian Fisheries Authority, PO Box 114, Queenscliff, Vic 3225.

Alternatively, you can complete an online compliment form , and we will ensure your comments are passed on to the fisheries officer and their manager.

Disputing an infringement notice

If you wish to dispute an Infringement Notice, refer to the three options on the reverse of your notice or contact Fines Victoria on Metropolitan: (03) 9200 8111 or Regional: 1300 369 819, Monday - Friday 8am to 9pm (except public holidays) or visit

Making a Complaint

To make a complaint about a communication issue, you are encouraged to contact the customer service centre on 136 186 and request that the officer's supervisor call you back. Alternatively you can complete an online complaint form. Depending on the issues you raise, the supervisor may be able to resolve the complaint to your satisfaction or it may require further investigation.