Catch limits and closed seasons

For each species not listed in this guide, a bag/possession limit of 5 applies.

Bag limits

Definition of bag limit

The maximum number of a particular type of fish that a person may take on any one calendar day while in, or or next to Victorian waters and possess in, on or next to Victorian waters.

Once you have taken your bag limit, you must not catch more of that precies for other people to keep, or 'high grade' your catch (i.e. return smaller fish caught earlier to the water and keep the bigger fish)

Bag limit examples

Example 1

Tiffany can have more than the bag limit at her caravan (which is 10 bream) because she is not in, or or next to the water. When Tiffany is fishing from her boat, or at the boat ramp, or fishing from the shore (i.e. in, or or next to Victorian waters), Tiffany must not possess more than 10 bream. So the previous day's catch must stay at the caravan park.

Example 2 - for fishing trips spanning midnight

Trevor is a surf fisher and he is fishing overnight. Trevor can only possess 2 gummy or school shark on the beach, even though he caught them before midnight

Example 3 - for fishing or collecting in groups

John is collecting crabs with his family. The bag/possession limit is 1 litre not exceeding 30 crabs. John collects half his bag limit (15 crabs) and then collects another 15 crabs for his mother, Heather. John cannot collect any more crabs on this day because he has taken his bag limit, even though he chose to give some to Heather. Heather collected 15 crabs on her own, and with the additional 15 crabs John gave her, Heather has reached her daily possession limit. Heather must not keep any more crabs

Possession limit

Definition of possession limit

The maximum number of a particular type of fish that a person can possess at any one time anywhere in Victoria (including your home). Applies to Southern bluefin tuna, Murray cod, abalone, yabbies, Murray spiny freshwater crayfish and rock lobster.

Measuring your catch

Scale fish: The legal size of fish must be checked at the first available opportunity. Undersize fish must be released immediately. Measure fish from tip of snout with mouth closed, to the end of the tail.

For non-scale fish species that require measurement, instructions are provided on the specific species pages.