Recreational Fishing Code of Conduct

VRFish logoAt the Victorian Fisheries Authority, we believe we all have a responsibility to look after our fisheries resources, both for the environment and future fishing generations.

This Code of Conduct has been developed for recreational boat, shore, river, stream and jetty fishers in Victoria.

The code aims to provide guidelines to minimise conflicts on the water, encourage local stewardship, demonstrate best practice for responsible fishing and result in a more enjoyable fishing experience for all.

We would like to thank VR Fish for this Code of Conduct.

Code of Conduct

  1. Be aware of and comply with fishing regulations
  2. Respect the rights of other anglers and waterway users
    • The water is for all anglers and commercial fisheries
  3. Protect and restore the environment and fish habitats
    • Dispose of fishing lines, excess bait etc. thoughtfully and respectfully
  4. Carefully return undersized, protected or unwanted catch back to the water
  5. Fish species and other organisms must not be relocated/transferred into other water bodies
  6. Always seek permission when entering private property
  7. Use established access roads and tracks
  8. Attend to your fishing gear and care for your catch
  9. Pass on your knowledge and promote sustainable fishing practices
  10. Respect Aboriginal sites, culture and values