Fisheries management and science branch

The Fisheries Management and Science Branch is a branch within The Victorian Fisheries Authority.

The Victorian Fisheries Authority manages the State's fisheries resources by developing and implementing policies and projects and delivering a wide range of services.

The Fisheries Management and Science Branch provides scientific information and advice which is critical to the sustainable management of these resources. This is the 'core' business of the Fisheries Management and Science Branch.

Outcomes from Fisheries Management and Science Branch programs and services aim to assist governments, industries and communities to secure and grow fisheries by required for:

  • Ensuring the sustainable use and management of fish stocks and their environment
  • Understanding the principles of natural resources management
  • Diversifying and developing new fisheries and aquaculture production/harvest methods
  • Advocating for the protection of the natural aquatic environment.

Our core skills and expertise

Fisheries Management and Science Branch provides science skills and expertise which underpins delivery of a range of innovative services. Core skills and expertise offered include those that are:

  • Internationally acknowledged in recruitment dynamics
  • Nationally recognised in quantitative fisheries assessment, recreational fisheries and stock enhancement, and aquaculture production systems and technologies
  • Nationally acknowledged in fish-habitat relationships
  • Regionally recognised for stock assessment including monitoring and modelling key target fisheries, fish habitat and ecology
  • Data collection, curation, analysis and management.

Fisheries Management and Science Branch capacity and capability have been enhanced by the introduction of dedicated project management resources and Quality Systems designed to ensure services are quality controlled, and are delivered in a timely, complete and accurate manner.

Who we work for

Fisheries Management and Science Branch operates in a complex and sensitive political and legislative environment. Fisheries Management and Science Branch is part of The Victorian Fisheries Authority, a government department, which delivers services on behalf of the Victorian Community, as identified by its major client the Victorian Government.

The Victorian Fisheries Authority's key external stakeholders include recreational and traditional users, aquaculture, and commercial and wild catch operators as well as the broader community which have a variety of environmental, social and economic values and expectations. Fisheries Management and Science Branch provides objective scientific information and advice to support management decisions in this complex environment.

In response to changing community expectations, an Ecosystem Based Fisheries Management approach has been adopted. This is focussed on securing a high quality natural resource base for the long term as well as generating jobs and economic and social benefits in local communities. Changing pressures on the resource, including climate change highlight the need for adaptive fisheries management arrangements, capable of responding to changing circumstances.

In addition, Fisheries Management and Science Branch provides scientific services and advice more widely, on behalf of the Victoria and to industry and governments to ensure sustainable use and management of aquatic resources.

Where we work

Fisheries Management and Science Branch operates in the aquatic environment which includes inland lakes, river systems and water storages, estuarine and marine waters. Victorian fisheries are distributed in all these waters. Victorian jurisdiction extends offshore to 3 nautical miles. By agreement with the Commonwealth, Victoria also manages some fisheries beyond this limit.

In addition, we also provide services and expertise that support the management of aquatic resources world-wide. For example, our aquaculture expertise is been critical in establishing best practise aquaculture systems in China, Laos, Vietnam and Indonesia.

How we work

Aquatic research organisations around Australia (and even globally) have been moving towards greater levels of cooperation and development of specialised areas of expertise. No organisation holds all the necessary capabilities and resources.

Fisheries Management and Science Branch works in a strongly collegiate and collaborative manner actively building strategic partnerships and alliances across Australia's fisheries R&D landscape and internationally.

Our values

Fisheries Management and Science Branch strives to:

  • make a difference
  • respect others
  • lead with purpose
  • work together
  • be open
  • focus on safety.

These values encapsulate how we carry out our business; they support our culture and are critical to our success.

Where to find us

Queenscliff Facilities

Fisheries Management and Science Branch's facilities are located on the outskirts of Queenscliff, a small seaside town near the mouth of Port Phillip Bay. Queenscliff is approximately a 2 hour drive south-west of Melbourne and a 25 minute drive southeast from Geelong.

DPI Queenscliff Centre

The Queenscliff Centre is located on the Bellarine Highway. Turn into the access road and proceed to the Visitor car park, which is marked.

Street Address

2a Bellarine Highway,
Queenscliff, VIC 3225

Postal Address

PO Box 114
Queenscliff, VIC 3225

Ph: 03 5258 0111
Fax: 03 5258 0270

Snobs Creek Facilities

Snobs Creek is located near the central Victoria near the town of Eildon, in the foothills of the Victorian Alps. Our Snobs Creek facilities are approximately a two-hour drive northeast of Melbourne.

Snobs Creek Facilities Map

The Snobs Creek Centre is located on the Goulburn Valley Highway. Turn into the access road and proceed to the Visitor car park. Signs on-site will direct visitors to the car park.

Street Address

Goulburn Valley Highway

Eildon, VIC 3713

Postal Address

Private Bag 20

Alexandra, VIC 3714

Ph: 03 5770 8000

Fax: 03 5774 2659