Reporting illegal fishing - 13FISH

Report illegal fishing - call 13FISH

If you suspect someone is breaking our fishing rules, do not approach them, move well away and then please phone our 24/7 reporting hotline 13 FISH (13 3474) and tell us what you see.

Helpful information includes:

  • time and date of activity
  • place
  • is the observed activity continuing or finished
  • number of people involved
  • vehicle or boat registration numbers
  • nature of activity
  • equipment involved

You will be asked to leave your telephone number and name, and the the relevant fisheries officer on duty will be paged and will return your call.

All information will be treated in strict confidence.

While fisheries officers may not always be able to immediately respond, the information you provide helps us to catch irresponsible fishers and to prevent illegal fishing.

We use your 13 FISH information to help us target our enforcement efforts, and it's had a major impact on stopping illegal fishing.

General fisheries enquiries should be directed to the Customer Service Centre on 136 186.