Age and weight estimator for fish

Measuring fish

Our scientists have developed a ‘calculator’ to help recreational anglers estimate the weight and age of fish they catch.

It’s based off thousands of fish records, collected over decades, for these species:

  • Australian bass
  • Black bream
  • Estuary perch
  • Silver perch
  • Freshwater catfish
  • Golden perch
  • Murray cod
  • Dusky flathead
  • Sand flathead
  • Snapper
  • King George whiting
  • Brown trout
  • Rainbow trout

Just select the species, enter the fish’s length and the calculator will do the rest. Easy!

For example, a 55cm snapper weighs a little over 2kg and is about 7 years old while a 35cm black bream comes in at 770 grams and around 17 years old.

Download the Excel file below, click 'enable editing', and learn more about the species you love the most.

Age and weight estimator for fish