Gippsland Metery Competition

We couldn't let Rocklands have all the fun. Now it's Gippsland's turn!

Dusky flathead in the Gippsland Lakes are going from strength to strength, thanks to the removal of commercial netting, a slot limit of 30-55cm and initiatives implemented in the Gippsland Lakes Recreational Fishery Plan, including the stocking of dusky fingerlings over the past four years.

To celebrate, we’re offering a $1000 tackle prize to the first person who catches a metre dusky flathead in the Gippsland Lakes starting Monday 18 March, 2024.

We've been hearing plenty of reports of impressive duskies in the 80 to 90cm range, so it's only a matter of time before someone cracks a metery.

If it turns out to be you, there's $1000 worth of tackle as a prize from the participating tackle stores listed below.

Photographs of the fish will need to be provided to us as proof of the capture, so make sure you take a clear photo of your dusky on a brag mat or other measuring device.

We acknowledge that the winning dusky is bigger than the slot limit of 30-55cm, so read the terms and conditions about how we’d like anglers to measure and take photos of their metery, whilst ensuring the fish is well-cared for and handled gently for release. For more information on targeting big duskies and best-practice handling, check out this video from Lee Rayner - click here.

For more information about the competition, contact

'The Gippsland Lakes' means the catchment and waters between Lakes Entrance, Bairnsdale and Sale, including:

  • Lake King
  • Lake Victoria
  • Lake Wellington
  • Mclennan Straights
  • Reeve Channel
  • Hopetoun Channel
  • Cunninghame Arm
  • North Arm
  • All rivers that flow into the Gippsland Lakes

Participating tackle stores:

  • Bass Strait Bait and Tackle – 24 Barkes Ave, Lakes Entrance VIC 3909
  • Lakes Entrance Angler – 577 Esplanade, Lakes Entrance, VIC 3909
  • Rivera Bait Supplies – 243 Esplanade Lakes Entrance, VIC 3909
  • Paynesville bait shack  – 1/77 The Esplanade Paynesville VIC 3880
  • BCF -- 201 Main Street Bairnsdale VIC 3875
  • BCF -- 82 MacArther Street, Sale, VIC 3850
  • Mad Outdoors – 209-213 York Street, Sale VIC 3850

Gippsland Metery Competition Claim Form (DOCX)
Gippsland Metery Competition Claim Form (PDF)

Terms and Conditions (DOCX)
Terms and Conditions (PDF)