Rock fishing safety

Rock Fishing

Rock fishing is popular but is one of Australia's most dangerous sports. On average there are about 8 rock fishing related deaths per year.

It is important to follow some basic safety tips when rock fishing.  Make good choices.

Tips for staying safe while rock fishing

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Stay safe when rock fishing by following these simple tips:

Use the right gear

Always wear a life jacket

Wear shoes with non-slip soles

Wear light clothing

Carry a mobile phone, rope and float with you

Always have back up

Never fish alone – always fish with a group a friends

Tell someone where you are and when you will be back

If your plans change, let someone know

Know the conditions

Know the tide and weather. If conditions worsen find a calmer, more sheltered spot – or go home

Ask local people for advice

Watch first, fish later

Plan an escape route in case you are washed in

Never turn your back on the sea

SurviveLife saver ring

Do NOT jump in if someone is washed into the water

Dial 000 or 112 on your mobile phone or go get help

Use a rope or something that floats to rescue the person

If you're swept in, don't panic. Stay calm and swim away from the rocks

If there's an Angel Ring (life ring, life buoy) nearby, know how to use it.

Further information about rock fishing

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