Golden Tag competition

The Golden Tag competition began in March, 2020 to encourage visitation to bushfire affected areas in the state's east and north east. In Vovember 2020 it was expanded state-wide to boost tourism following travel restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

With restrictions easing from 11:59pm on Tuesday, 27 July, the Golden Tag competition will resume.

Recreational fishers have the opportunity to explore regional Victoria and land a tagged fish worth up to $10,000 as part of an expanded Golden Tag competition to boost tourism across the state.

The competition has hit several key milestones, with more than $270,000 awarded to fishers since the program began. Read more here.

The Victorian Fisheries Authority started the Golden Tag competition in February 2020, successfully encouraging visitation to Gippsland and the state’s north-east as communities recovered from bushfires.

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The relaunched competition sees $10,000 tagged fish released into bushfire-affected areas in East Gippsland (Marlo, Bemm River, Tamboon Inlet, Lake Tyers, Gippsland lakes, Mallacoota), the North East and Alpine regions.

In addition to the $10,000 tagged fish and more than 950 remaining $2,000 tags in these areas, golden tags of both values have been spread across the state with more species to catch and more locations to share in the bounty.

Trout have been tagged in South West Victoria’s famous crater lakes of Purrumbete and Bullen Merri boast golden tagged fish along with Bellfield Reservoir in the Grampians. Australian bass have been tagged in Gippsland’s Snowy River as well as Glenmaggie and Blue Rock lakes

In northern Victoria, the fishing mecca of Lake Eildon hosts a particularly valuable catch of cod and yellowbelly. Murray cod and golden perch will be tagged in the Sunraysia’s Lindsay River and Kings Billabong.

Fishers can follow the Burnanga trail along the Goulburn and Ovens rivers to the Murray and chase tagged Murray cod during cod open season. Burnanga means cod in the language of the Yorta Yorta people.

Thanks to the Victorian Government’s $35 million Target One Million commitment to open access to waters like Upper Coliban, Lauriston, Tullaroop and Barkers Creek reservoirs, you 'll be able to launch your tinny in central Victoria and try your luck for a tagged fish.The far west coast around Portland has scored tagged southern bluefin tuna and Rocklands Reservoir’s thriving native fish population will be been bolstered with tagged fish, completing the list of additional locations.

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Golden Tag regionWatersSpecies
East GippslandSnowy River (Marlo), Mallacoota, Bemm River, Gippsland Lakes, Tamboon Inlet, Lake Tyers,Flathead, bream, estuary perch, luderick, King George whiting, silver trevally, tailor
North-East Victoria

Nariel Creek, Ovens River, Kiewa River, Eildon Pondage, Running Creek, Mount Beauty Pondage, Rocky Valley Dam, Nariel Creek, Dartmouth Dam and Pondage, Lake Catani, Lake Buffalo

Brown and rainbow trout, Murray cod (Lake Buffalo, Kiewa River, Lake Hume)

The Burnanga trail - Central Victoria to the Murray

Ovens River, Goulburn River, Lake Nagambie

Murray Cod, golden perch

Lake Eildon

Lake Eildon

Murray Cod, golden perch

Australian bass trail

Lake Glenmaggie, Blue Rock Dam, Snowy River

Australian bass

Sunset country - Mildura & Mallee

Lindsay River, Kings Billabong, Mullaroo River, Gunbower Creek

Murray cod, golden perch

South West trophy trout lakes

Lake Purrumbete, Lake Bullen Merri, Lake Bellfield

Brown and rainbow trout

Central Victorian lakes

Upper Coliban Reservoir, Lauriston Reservoir, Barkers Creek Reservoir, Tullaroop Reservoir, Cairn Curran Reservoir, Lake Eppalock

Murray cod, golden perch


Rocklands Reservoir

Murray cod, golden perch

WimmeraWimmera River, Lake Fyans, Taylor's Lake*, Lake Charlegrark*Golden perch, redfin, Murray cod, brown trout (brown trout in Lake Fyans only)

South West Coast

Offshore near Portland

Southern bluefin tuna, yellowtail kingfish