2019 Recreational Fishing Guide

Recreational Fishing Guide coverWant to get a hard copy?

The Victorian Recreational Fishing Guide is available in hard copy, free of charge, so that you can take it fishing with you or leave it in your tackle box or boat.

Hard copies can be obtained from most fishing tackle shops that sell recreational fishing licences, by ringing the Customer Service Centre on 136 186 or from most regional offices of The Victorian Fisheries Authority.

You may also email improving.fishing@vfa.vic.gov.au to obtain a hard copy of the latest Victorian Recreational Fishing Guide.

Please be advised it will take approximately 10 - 14 working days for the guides to arrive after ordering.

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About the guide

The guide in languages other than English

Message from the Minister

Target One Million

Target One Million - Phase 2

Recreational fishing code of conduct

Marine and estuarine fishing - know before you go

Marine fishing equipment

Marine waters closed to recreational fishing

Intertidal zone fishing restrictions

Freshwater fishing - know before you go

Trout and salmon fishing regulations

Freshwater fishing location restrictions

Freshwater fishing equipment

Recreational fishing licence

Recreational harvest food safety

Responsible fishing behaviours

Fishing definitions/terminology

Water definitions

Regulation enforcement

Fishing safety

Aquatic pests

Useful contacts and further information