Marine national parks and sanctuaries

Regulation symbols

Marine national parks and marine sanctuaries protect representative areas of Victoria’s unique and diverse marine environments, now and for the future.

All forms of commercial and recreational fishing are prohibited in these areas.

This means you can’t:

  • fish from the shore or a boat
  • dive to spear or collect fish or shellfish
  • collect bait
  • set traps and nets

Heavy penalties apply for fishing within marine national parks and marine sanctuaries.

It is your responsibility to know what restrictions, if any, apply to the area where you intend to fish or collect shellfish or crustaceans.

The Recreational Fishing Guide App has a “Can I fish here?” function that uses a smartphone’s internal GPS to allow users to determine whether they are approaching or within a marine park or sanctuary.

Boundary Markers

Shoreline Boundary Marker Shoreline boundary markers are located on land at the edge of the park and point inwards to the protected area.
Inwater Special Mark Inwater special markers are located at the sea boundary of the protected area. 

Regulation symbols

Marine national parks and sanctuaries
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Discovery Bay Marine National Park  
Merri Marine Sanctuary 
The Arches Marine Sanctuary  

Twelve Apostles Marine National Park


Marengo Reefs Marine Sanctuary


Eagle Rock Marine Sanctuary


Point Addis Marine National Park

Point Danger Marine Sanctuary  
Barwon Bluff Marine Sanctuary  

Port Phillip Heads Marine National Park

Point Cooke Marine Sanctuary

Jawbone Marine Sanctuary

Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary  
Mushroom Reef  Marine Sanctuary  
Yaringa Marine National Park  
French Island Marine National Park  
Churchill Island Marine National Park  

Bunurong Marine National Park

Wilsons Promontory Marine National Park  
Corner Inlet Marine National Park  
Ninety Mile Beach Marine National Park  
Beware Reef Marine Sanctuary  
Point Hicks Marine National Park  

Cape Howe Marine National Park


All images are thanks to Parks Victoria.

Click here for list of all coordinates for Victoria's marine national parks and marine sanctuaries.