Aquaculture videos

This page contains a series of videos that will give you an overview of the different types of aquaculture conducted in Victoria.

Aquaculture overview

A quick outline of the major aquaculture sectors in Victoria.

Aquaculture overview video transcript

Abalone aquaculture sector

This video takes a look at one of Victoria's most interesting and valuable aquaculture species.

Abalone aquaculture sector video transcript

Salmonid aquaculture sector

This video outlines one of Victoria's oldest and most successful aquaculture sectors.

Salmonid aquaculture sector video transcript

Mussel aquaculture sector

This outlines Victoria's largest offshore marine aquaculture sectors.

Mussel aquaculture sector video transcript

Queenscliff hatchery

This video outlines the important research done to resolve some of the issues that create a challenge for the mussel sector.

Queenscliff hatchery video transcript