Women in Recreational Fishing survey results

In 2017, we conducted a survey to find out more about why women fish and how to get more females into the pastime! Below are the key findings from the survey:


  • Total number of responses: 1389
  • 93% of respondents currently fish
  • Most of those who fish go with their partner ( 62% of responses)
  • 80.8% of respondents go fishing to relax and unwind
  • Of those who don't fish, the most common response was that they did not have the right equipment or necessary experience.
  • Some of the challenges cited for women were:
    • Gender biases
    • Parenting responsibilities
    • Hygiene and cleaning issues (including toileting)
    • Personal safety concerns
  • 28.9% of respondents, though, did not believe there were any challenges particular to women

Do you currently go fishing?

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What is your motivation?

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