SRFR Meeting #52 - 7 September 2018

Statewide Recreational Fishing Roundtable Forum #52

Forum date: Friday September 7th 2018

Location: Victorian Fisheries Authority, Level 15, 1 Spring St., Melbourne. 3000

Chair's Summary

OUTSTANDING/ONGOING ACTIONS (from previous meetings)


That the Metropolitan Stocking Group be re-established. Meeting to be organised and led by VFA.

Discussion/outcome: ongoing

John Douglas / Anthony Forster

Chris and Travis to meet regarding public access to crown frontage land.

Discussion/outcome: Complete

Chris Hardman /Travis Dowling

Bittern Dam – Parks gave commitment for their hydrology personnel to review and give a timeframe for works to be done on the dam and provide costings to VFA for breaching catch drain.

Discussion/outcome: ongoing

Chris Hardman

Request for 6 monthly report back on PPB health and environmental Yarra River flows. (ARI leading plan)

Discussion/outcome: ongoing

Anthony Forster and Paul Hamer

Involve the broader fishing community in the 2018 Fisheries Regulations Review. The Policy group to provide a timeline for the review (Dallas D’Silva). Allow adequate time for input from the fishing community. Provide for consultation with key stakeholders prior to release to the public. (Consultants contracted to write document to go out for public comment)

Discussion/outcome: ongoing

Dallas D’Silva

A plan / timeline to be developed for stakeholder input to the Regulation Impact Statement.

Dallas D’Silva & Scott Lawrence

NEW ACTIONS – Arising from Meeting #51 – June 15th 2018


Contact the EPA for information on Stoney Creek to be sent to SRFR members in coming week.

Kylie Wohlt /Julie Morgan

Send summary of Gippsland Lakes information to SRFR members today.

Dallas D’Silva

Circulate Westernport fact sheet to SRFR members.

Julie Morgan

Hui Ho & Craig Ingram: Freshwater Fishing, VFA

  • New nets are available from selected tackle stores from today in exchange for returned opera house nets.
  • As a part of the Maribyrnong project estuary perch will be stocked later this year.
  • The stocking of 7 tonne of ex-broodstock rainbow trout into the Goulburn has resulted in many catching a “fish of a lifetime” along with some really good feedback and a very positive atmosphere.
  • Vic Fish Stock meetings around the State were completed this week.
  • Perch search has been conducted at Marlo and the Bemm River and is currently happening in the Tarwin River. The results are looking positive. Stocked perch fisheries such as Devil Bend are well regarded by anglers.
  • October will see beach fishing events conducted at Torquay (2nd October) and Cape Paterson (13th October).
  • The National Carp Control Plan has had a 12 month timeline extension. There is no additional funding. New timelines have not yet been set.

Matt Tripet: Founder, The Fly Program

Matt Tripet spoke on The Fly Program, a not-for-profit organisation that raises the awareness and combats the impacts of depression, post-traumatic stress disorder & suicide within the Australian male community through our great outdoors and recreational fishing.

Megan Graham: External Relations Manager, VicForests

Megan provided an outline of VicForest operations.

More specifically she spoke on the history of forestry in the Snobs Creek catchment, the current 5 year timber release plan, buffer zones, road maintenance and soil erosion risk assesments.

Travis Dowling: CEO, Victorian Fisheries Authority

  • The VFA is happy to provide support for clubs on their presentation nights as a means to broaden membership.
  • WIRF (Women In Recreational Fishing ) now has over 800 followers on Facebook.
  • Skye Kirne and Chloe Molloy represented WIRF on Talking Fishing on Tuesday night.
  • Monitoring of the Gippsland Lakes will continue through to November.

Belinda Yim: Target One Million, VFA

  • There is an extensive list of events that will be conducted by the TOM team over the Sept-Oct period. These include another 5 Vic Fish Kids events, two Beach Fishing events, Hooked on Bellarine and a number of Gone Fishing Day events.
  • Women In Recreational Fishing (WIRF) is going strong. Ten of the group attended training seminars at AFTA, increasing their knowledge and helping them to talk with others about getting involved in fishing.
  • The VFA currently has two ambassadors with well-known football personalities Chloe Molloy and Bachar Houli.

Michael Burgess: Executive Officer, VRFish

VRFish activity report on immerging recreational fishing issues, challenges and opportunities.

  • Gippsland Lakes commercial catch figures are some of the lowest on record.

ACTION: Send summary of Gippsland Lakes information to SRFR members today. Dallas D’Silva

  • The current Yabby Net Exchange program is a very positive step.
  • A tuna catch and effort survey is being done through September. The Tuna Champions program is showing that fishers do care about doing the right thing.
  • Trees removed as part of Vic Roads operations is being used for habitat restoration.
  • The Stoney Creek fish kill has shown that multicultural communication may need to be evaluated by the EPA for any future similar events as many multicultural groups have continued fishing in contaminated areas.

ACTION: Contact the EPA for information on Stoney Creek to be sent to SRFR members in coming week. Kylie Wohlt /Julie Morgan

  • The fish kill at Mallacoota has encouraged conversation on artificial mouth opening.
  • The Werribee River Access Forum will complement the work being done on the Maribyrnong River. Access on the west side of the Werribee is still a problem for car parks and boat ramps.
  • There is still an issue with Parks Vic with access to tracks and camping particularly relating to the River Red Gum Plan and Lake Tyers.
  • Yellingbow Conservation Area excludes access to fishers. VRFish will be talking to DELWP next week
  • There is a need to look at carp management at Toolondo. It is expected that there will be water for Toolondo for the next year.
  • The living shellfish reef established in 2017 is holding about 1000 snapper.
  • VRFish will continue to apply pressure for a new native fish hatchery.
  • Go Fish Nagambie will be held on Anzac Day weekend 2019 celebrating the great cod fishery at Nagambie.
  • Participation is encouraged in Gone Fishing Day activities on 14th October.
  • AGL have claimed that there will be minimal impact from gas transfer to ships in Westernport.

ACTION: Circulate Westernport fact sheet to SRFR members. Julie Morgan

David Kramer: Presentation to Merv McGuire

David Kramer and Travis Dowling made presentations to Merv McGuire on behalf of the SRFR members, thanking him for his 11 years of service as Chairman of the Statewide Recreational Fishing Roundtable. Minister Pulford also thanked Merv in Parliament today and sent a framed copy of the related Hansard to Merv.

Marc Ainsworth: Senior Communications Advisor, VFA

  • During August the Comms team put out 13 media releases and 59 Facebook posts (which reached 1 million followers).
  • Long term video access is available on Youtube for video posts.
  • 15 of the 16 Large Grants have been announced valued at $1.1 million

Terry George: President, Australian Trout Foundation

Update of current activities and projects being undertaken by the ATF.

  • Logging in the Rubicon catchment has posed a threat to our trout fisheries with further stress being put on the area.
  • It is intended to vary location and put Jordan Scotties into the McCallister next year.
  • Jordon Scotty hatch rates were all above 90%. Electrofishing to gauge genetics of trout in incubator areas done when the fish are more advanced and in cooler water should help survival rates.
  • Habitat workshops:
    • The first was held at Myrtleford with 19 proposed projects.
    • The second workshop will be held on Saturday 6th October at ARI.

Chair: Merv McGuire

Secretariat: Julie Morgan

Summary dated: 19/09/2018