Australian bass and estuary perch stockings 2023

We’ve had another big season stocking lots of Australian bass and estuary perch fingerlings to improve recreational fisheries.

The Genoa River received its first ever stocking of estuary perch and a large stocking into the Gippsland Lakes should accelerate its recovery to becoming a recreational fishing mecca once again.

Australian bass

Waterway Sum of Stocked
Mitchell River 100,000
Snowy River 60,000
Blue Rock Lake 52,000
Lake Glenmaggie 50,000
Cann River 40,000
Lake Narracan 20,000
Timbarra River 20,000
Macalister River 22,000
Latrobe River 20,000
Avon River 10,000
Lake Bullen Merri 10,000
Lake Elingamite 10,000
Traralgon Creek 10,000
Tambo River 10,000
Thomson River 5,000
Lake Guthridge 5,000
Hyland Lake 5,000
Ferntree Gully Quarry 5,000
Tyers River 2,000
Cowwarr Weir 2,000
Valencia Creek 1,000
Rainbow Creek 1,000
Grand Total460,000

Estuary perch

Waterway Sum of Stocked
Gippsland Lakes 98,000
Genoa River 10,000
Bemm River 10,000
Snowy River 10,000
Lake Tyers 10,000
Barwon River 45,000
Lakers Cutting 15,000
Little River 10,000
Werribee River 20,000
Upper Stony Creek Reservoir 24,000
Devilbend Reservoir 9,000
Grand Total261,000