Statewide Recreational Fishing Roundtable (SRFR)

The Statewide Recreational Fisheries Roundtable (SRFR) provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and the facilitation of interactions between leaders in the recreational fishing sector. It is a stakeholder's forum, independently chaired and hosted by the Victorian Fisheries Authority.

The SRFR provides an opportunity to identify areas of agreement on strategic issues, and aims to facilitate the development of policy options that will assist the Victorian Fisheries Authority to achieve its strategic vision. It also provides an opportunity to identify information and knowledge gaps, including research needs.

The forum operates under agreed Terms of Reference including the selection of members, by the Chairperson in discussion with the Executive Director, the Victorian Fisheries Authority on the basis of their expertise and knowledge of the recreational fishing sector.

The forum is designed to facilitate effective dialogue and relationships between recreational fishers and the Victorian Fisheries Authority. It provides the opportunity of direct two-way consultation between the Victorian Fisheries Authority and stakeholders, both from a personal opinion or that of the organisation that he or she may be associated with.

It also provides an opportunity to build effective relationships between the Victorian Fisheries Authority and stakeholders and between the stakeholders themselves.

For more information about the Roundtable and its role, contact Julia Menzies on telephone number 0404 564 335 during normal business hours.

Statewide Recreational Fisheries Roundtable - Terms of Reference

Chair's summary of the SRFR meetings