GoFishVic - App features and benefits

Record your fishing trips and increase your catch rates

GoFishVic is the answer to catching more fish on every trip. Once you've downloaded the app (from the App Store or Google Play) and created your account, you can log in and record your trips immediately!

First, name your trip, set your fishing location and your fishing method. Once you’ve started fishing, be sure to record each catch, including the size, species, and how long you spend fishing.

The app allows you to make detailed diary notes about your trip so you can access them later. Every angler knows that things like weather conditions (wind, tide, moon, depth of water), gear used (bait, lure, fly types), and technique (casting, drifting, trolling) can make all the difference.

Improve your fishing success

Want to improve your fishing success? GoFishVic is the answer. Access your complete fishing history at a glance as an indicator of future performance.

With your unique user profile, choose your privacy settings, record your successes and improve your fishing.

Gain powerful insights into:

  • the best fisheries in Victoria
  • what gear is most productive
  • how long it took you to catch your fish
  • what species you caught
  • their size
  • where you caught them
  • and under what conditions you made your best catches.

Enter your data once for a complete historical analysis. All your fishing success stories are captured, and the information visible via photos, notes and graphs you can call up at any time through search filters.

Tracking your history is the best way to see what has worked in the past so you can repeat it and improve trip outcomes.

Share your fishing successes with your mates

Future upgrades to GoFishVic will allow you to share and receive information from your friends and fellow users. You control your privacy settings to determine what information you want to share and with who.

And if you’re having a particularly good day and want to let your mates know, you can share your saved data with them, along with a photo of your biggest fish. No catch is up for debate when there’s a photo!

Keep ahead of the game with the latest news and tips

As our database builds and upgrades are rolled out, you’ll also receive the latest insights and news from us.

Through the app’s Fish ‘N’ Tips section, you can also access the best fishing insights while you’re on the water to increase your catch on the go. With input from the best anglers and latest fishing reports across the state, you’ll be sure to learn a thing or two!

Help keep your fisheries healthy

Your catch data will be aggregated with others to help us understand how our most popular fisheries are performing.

With set-and-forget automatic reporting, your records can be loaded to our database and provide important performance indicators to measure and compare all of fisheries.

This information will help us assess the effectiveness of fish stocking and where other intervention is needed to ensure we have healthy fisheries and lots of fish to catch.