Your fees at work 2008-09

Your fishing licence fees at workEvery year the Recreational Fishing Licence (RFL) Trust Account allocates the fees you pay for your fishing licence to projects that will directly improve recreational fishing in Victoria.

Through the 2008/09 round of the Recreational Fishing Grants Program, over $1 million has been allocated to 13 projects to improve recreational fishing in Victoria.

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Other RFL Trust Account Expenditure

During 2008-09, RFL revenue also funded:

  • Recreational fisheries field services (state wide);
  • The administration of the RFL and the RFGP;
  • VRFish;
  • RFL sales commissions;
  • RFL and RFGP-related community information; and
  • The final Bay & Inlet commercial fishing licence buy-back loan repayment of $2 million.

Recreational Fishing Grant Program Projects 2008-09

A report is tabled in Parliament in October each year concerning all RFL Trust Account revenue and expenditure. 

The following is a summary of RFGP projects funded from 2008/09 RFL revenue. Unless otherwise stated, these projects are listed under the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources (former) Department of Primary Industries region from which the project application emanated.

Gippsland ($209,948.46)

  • $85,000 for fish habitat improvement in the Mitchell and Tambo Rivers.
  • $80,090.46 to reconstruct the Fisheries Jetty at Mallacoota into a purpose-built fishing pontoon.
  • $44,858 to construct a fishing platform on the Mitchell River downstream of Wy Yung bridge, Bairnsdale.

Port Phillip/Gippsland/ South West/ Northern ($68,000)

  • $68,000 to run angler research diary programs for Anderson Inlet, Mallacoota Inlet, Lake Tyers and waters of the North East, West Gippsland, Corangamite and Glenelg-Hopkins. 

Northern ($119,000)

  • $69,000 to enhance fish habitat and the value of the Ovens River (upstream of Bright) as a recreational fishing destination.
  • $50,000 for the installation of in-stream habitat (100 X large wood) at 4-6 sites for mid-Goulburn River, upstream and downstream of Seymour.

Port Phillip ($272,157.54)

  • $205,991.04 to construct a designated fishing platform at Hastings jetty.
  • $56,269.50 to construct a fishing platform extension and to install solar lighting and signage at Griffin Gully, Corio bay.
  • $9,897 to install a solar light and signage at Grammar School lagoon jetty.

$200,000 for increased stocking of native and salmonid fisheries.State wide ($360,381)

  • $137,500 to conduct an analysis of Victorian coastal and estuarine fishing facilities outside of Port Phillip Bay and Western Port to determine angler usage levels and un-met infrastructure needs.
  • $22,132 to print 15,000 units of "Weigh your catch" snapper fish sticker rulers.
  • $749 to design and install 'Diver Below' - dive awareness signage at 10 priority boat launching areas around Port Phillip Bay.

For more information about applying for grants, please visit Recreational Fishing Grants Program.