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Water Date last stocked Species stocked Number of fish stocked
Albert Park Lake15 Sep 2021Rainbow trout350
Alexandra Lake13 Sep 2021Rainbow trout300
Allans Flat Dredge Hole4 Mar 2022Golden perch3,000
Amaroo Lake26 Feb 2021Golden perch1,000
Anderson Lake21 Jan 2022Golden perch1,000
Arboretum Dam4 Mar 2022Silver perch14,000
Aringa Reservoir22 Jul 2021Brown trout1,000
Avoca River26 Apr 2021Golden perch41,000
Avon River16 Nov 2021Australian bass15,000
Banimboola Lake16 Nov 2021Rainbow trout200
Bannockburn Lagoon9 Sep 2021Rainbow trout300
Barkers Creek Reservoir30 Mar 2022Golden perch7,500
Bartlett Lake6 Sep 2021Rainbow trout150
Barwon River30 Dec 2021Estuary perch30,000
Batyo Catyo Lake17 Jan 2012Silver perch5,000
Bealiba Reservoir26 Apr 2021Golden perch5,000
Beaufort Lake4 Aug 2021Brown trout1,000
Bellfield Reservoir17 Mar 2022Golden perch63,000
Bemm River30 Nov 2021Estuary perch5,000
Benalla Lake22 Mar 2018Golden perch5,000
Berwick Springs Estate Lake14 Sep 2021Rainbow trout370
Big Meran Lake8 Feb 2022Murray cod10,000
Blue Rock Lake23 Nov 2021Australian bass50,000
Boga Lake15 Jan 2022Golden perch50,000
Bolac Lake11 Nov 2021Rainbow trout50,000
Boosey Creek25 Mar 2022Golden perch7,700
Bostock Reservoir6 Jul 2021Rainbow trout7,000
Boyds Waters22 Oct 2019Rainbow trout200
Bringalbert Lake8 Mar 2019Golden perch6,000
Brodribb River4 Dec 2018Australian bass5,000
Broken Creek24 Mar 2022Golden perch1,270
Broken River6 Apr 2022Golden perch42,000
Buckland River20 Nov 2017Brown trout30,000
Buffalo Lake8 Mar 2022Silver perch30,000
Buffalo River16 Feb 2022Macquarie perch15,000
Bullarto Reservoir30 Sep 2021Rainbow trout1,000
Bullen Merri Lake21 Dec 2021Tiger Trout900
Burrumbeet Lake25 Sep 2020Brown trout4,000
Cairn Curran Reservoir11 Jan 2022Golden perch150,000
Calembeen Front Lake2 Sep 2021Rainbow trout200
Calembeen Lake14 Sep 2015Rainbow trout200
Campaspe River Kyneton Area18 Feb 2021Golden perch20,000
Campaspe River Rochester to Axedale25 Feb 2022Golden perch104,000
Cann River7 Dec 2021Australian bass11,000
Carpolac Lake24 Mar 2020Golden perch5,000
Cartcarrong Lake18 Oct 2021Brown trout1,000
Casey Fields Lake24 Mar 2022Silver perch3,000
Cato Lake13 Sep 2021Rainbow trout300
Caulfield Racecourse Lake16 Sep 2021Rainbow trout20
Charlegrark Lake18 Mar 2021Murray cod5,000
Charm Lake13 Jan 2022Golden perch50,000
Cobden Lake7 Sep 2021Rainbow trout300
Colac Lake1 Jun 2021Rainbow trout2,700
Colbrook Reservoir24 Sep 2014Brown trout600
Coleraine Lagoon22 Jun 2021Rainbow trout300
Cooper Lake10 Apr 2012Golden perch5,000
Corryong Creek7 Feb 2022Murray cod12,700
Cosgrove Reservoir30 Sep 2021Rainbow trout1,000
Cowies Creek (seagull lake)18 Oct 2013Rainbow trout600
Cowwarr Weir30 Nov 2021Australian bass2,000
Craigmuir Lake26 Feb 2021Golden perch1,000
Crusoe Reservoir3 Feb 2022Silver perch20,000
Cudgewa Creek15 Feb 2022Macquarie perch15,000
Cullulleraine Lake9 Feb 2021Murray cod6,000
Cummins Reserve Lake20 Jun 2012Rainbow trout200
Dargo River1 Oct 2020Brown trout25,320
Darlingsford Lake15 Sep 2021Rainbow trout500
Dartmouth Dam17 Feb 2022Macquarie perch2,200
Dean Reservoir21 Jul 2021Rainbow trout1,000
Deep Lake4 Aug 2021Brown trout1,000
Devilbend Reservoir29 Oct 2021Rainbow trout10,000
Don Lake17 Sep 2021Rainbow trout400
Dunkeld Arboretum8 Sep 2021Rainbow trout200
Eildon Lake23 Mar 2022Rainbow trout31,300
Eildon Pondage8 Apr 2022Rainbow trout1,100
Eldorado Dredge Hole26 Feb 2022Golden perch2,000
Elingamite Lake19 Aug 2021Brown trout2,000
Emerald Lake17 Sep 2021Rainbow trout500
Eppalock Lake9 Mar 2022Golden perch142,000
Esmond Lake2 Sep 2021Rainbow trout250
Ess Lagoon7 Oct 2021Rainbow trout450
Expedition Pass Reservoir18 Feb 2021Golden perch5,000
Felltimber Creek Wetlands13 Sep 2021Rainbow trout600
Ferntree Gully Quarry22 Feb 2022Murray cod1,000
First Reedy Lake19 Feb 2021Golden perch10,000
Foletti Caravan Park Lake8 Mar 2022Silver perch5,000
Forest Lake3 Feb 2022Silver perch15,000
Fosters Dam5 Sep 2018Rainbow trout200
Freestone Creek28 Nov 2017Australian bass3,000
Fyans Lake3 Nov 2021Rainbow trout1,500
Garfield Lake3 Sep 2021Rainbow trout250
Gillear Lake19 Aug 2021Brown trout1,000
Glenlyon Dam10 Sep 2021Rainbow trout200
Glenmaggie Lake16 Nov 2021Australian bass50,000
Glenrowan Rec Reserve Lake10 Sep 2021Rainbow trout600
Goldfields (St Arnaud)29 Jun 2021Rainbow trout200
Goldfields Reservoir29 Sep 2021Brown trout1,800
Goulburn River Downstream of Nagambie6 Jan 2022Murray cod36,000
Goulburn River Eildon to Molesworth18 Nov 2021Brown trout4,600
Goulburn River Seymour to Nagambie20 Jan 2022Golden perch200,000
Goulburn River Yea to Trawool29 Jan 2022Macquarie perch17,500
Great Western Recreation Reserve Lake13 Sep 2021Rainbow trout200
Green Hill Lake28 Sep 2021Brown trout2,000
Green Lake Horsham1 Feb 2022Golden perch20,000
Green Lake Sea Lake24 Feb 2022Golden perch10,000
Greens Lake Corop5 Mar 2020Golden perch10,000
Gunbower Creek6 Jan 2022Murray cod60,000
Guthridge Lake16 Nov 2021Australian bass5,000
Guyatt Lake24 Jun 2008Rainbow trout250
Haddon Reservoir2 Sep 2021Rainbow trout200
Hamilton Lake26 Jul 2021Brown trout2,000
Hanging Rock Lake10 Sep 2021Rainbow trout350
Harrietville Dredge Hole22 Nov 2013Brown trout200
Hazelwood Pondage24 Nov 2017Rainbow trout3,000
Hepburn Lagoon26 Jul 2021Rainbow trout5,000
Heyfield Racecourse Lake3 Sep 2021Rainbow trout300
Holland Creek25 May 2020Brown trout1,000
Hopkins River18 Oct 2021Brown trout40,000
Horse Shoe Lagoon31 Jan 2019Silver perch75,000
Hospital Creek16 Nov 2015Australian bass3,000
Howqua River27 Jun 2016Brown trout5,000
Hume Lake14 Jan 2022Golden perch100,000
Hyland Lake17 Nov 2021Australian bass1,000
Inglewood Reservoir28 Feb 2022Golden perch2,000
Jack Emmett Lagoon16 Sep 2021Rainbow trout350
Jack Roper Reserve Lake17 Oct 2013Rainbow trout300
Jamieson River16 Sep 2021Brown trout50,000
Jil Jil Lake2 Sep 2013Rainbow trout500
Jubilee Lake Daylesford10 Sep 2021Rainbow trout200
Jubilee Lake Skipton7 Sep 2021Rainbow trout200
Kangaroo Lake15 Jan 2022Golden perch100,000
Karkarook Lake7 Oct 2021Rainbow trout1,340
Kennington Reservoir16 Sep 2021Rainbow trout500
Kerferd Lake26 Feb 2022Golden perch4,000
Kialla Lakes26 Feb 2021Golden perch3,000
Kiewa River13 Jan 2022Murray cod10,000
King Lake21 Jan 2022Golden perch1,000
King River16 Feb 2022Macquarie perch15,300
Kings Billabong27 Oct 2021Silver perch20,000
Kismet Creek29 Dec 2019Golden perch50
Konong Wootong Reservoir26 Oct 2021Brown trout1,000
Kow Swamp12 Apr 2017Golden perch5,000
La Trobe River17 Nov 2021Australian bass20,000
Laanecoorie Reservoir11 Jan 2022Golden perch50,000
Lascelles Lake3 Mar 2022Golden perch10,000
Lauriston Reservoir30 Mar 2022Golden perch10,000
Learmonth Lake15 Oct 2012Rainbow trout1,000
Les Stone Park Lake13 Sep 2021Rainbow trout300
Lethbridge Lake9 Sep 2021Rainbow trout300
Lilliput Lane Reserve Lake10 Sep 2021Rainbow trout100
Lillydale Lake24 Mar 2022Silver perch10,000
Lindsay River23 Mar 2021Murray cod15,900
Lismore Golf Club Dam7 Sep 2021Rainbow trout200
Little Boort Lake8 Mar 2022Silver perch10,000
Little Murray River8 Feb 2022Murray cod8,600
Loch Garry28 Mar 2014Golden perch2,000
Loddon River28 Feb 2022Golden perch60,000
Longwood Golf Club Dam9 Sep 2015Rainbow trout200
Longwood Rec Reserve6 Sep 2021Rainbow trout60
Lowanna Lake26 Feb 2021Golden perch500
Macalister River Below Glenmaggie Lake16 Nov 2021Australian bass21,000
Macalister River Upstream of Glenmaggie Lake to Licola16 Nov 2021Australian bass2,000
Malmsbury Reservoir30 Mar 2022Golden perch10,000
Maribyrnong River7 Dec 2021Estuary perch120,000
Marma Lake1 Feb 2022Golden perch4,000
Marysville Lake8 Apr 2022Rainbow trout281
Melton Reservoir10 Mar 2022Golden perch42,300
Merri River Below Weir to Dennington29 Jul 2021Brown trout4,000
Merri River Grassmere to Wollaston18 Oct 2021Brown trout40,000
Merriwa Park Lake4 Mar 2022Silver perch2,000
Miga Lake24 Mar 2020Golden perch5,000
Minyip Wetlands13 Sep 2021Rainbow trout200
Mitchell River30 Nov 2021Australian bass41,000
Mitta Mitta River10 Jan 2019Murray cod30,000
Mollison Creek Weir12 Mar 2008Golden perch1,000
Moodemere Lake21 Jan 2022Golden perch10,000
Moorabool Reservoir12 Aug 2021Rainbow trout8,000
Mooroopna Recreation Reserve Lake6 Sep 2021Rainbow trout150
Mordialloc Creek13 Dec 2016Estuary perch10,000
Morwell Lake25 Sep 2018Rainbow trout750
Mount Beauty Pondage8 Oct 2021Rainbow trout1,500
Mount Emu Creek Below Castle Carey Bridge to Panmure18 Oct 2021Brown trout40,000
Mount Emu Creek Skipton to Darlington7 Oct 2021Brown trout2,000
Moyne River18 Oct 2021Brown trout20,000
Nagambie Lake incl Goulburn Weir to Seymour27 Mar 2021Rainbow trout100
Narracan Lake17 Nov 2021Australian bass5,000
Natimuk Lake20 Aug 2012Rainbow trout5,000
National Watersports Centre14 Jan 2017Estuary perch9,000
Navan Park Lake10 Mar 2022Golden perch1,000
Neanger Lake3 Feb 2022Silver perch15,000
Newlyn Reservoir11 Jun 2021Brown trout3,000
Nhill Lake16 Sep 2021Rainbow trout200
Nicholson River4 Dec 2018Australian bass5,000
Nillahcootie Lake4 Feb 2022Golden perch100,000
Numurkah Lake23 Sep 2019Rainbow trout67
Nursery Reservoir25 Nov 2021Rainbow trout200
Old Hamilton Reservoir8 Sep 2021Rainbow trout500
Ouyen Lake24 Feb 2022Golden perch10,000
Ovens River4 Mar 2022Golden perch7,000
Painkalac Reservoir5 Dec 2017Estuary perch7,000
Pakenham Lake3 Sep 2021Rainbow trout850
Pertobe Lake7 Sep 2021Rainbow trout450
Police Paddock Dams17 Jun 2021Rainbow trout450
Purrumbete Lake21 Dec 2021Tiger Trout1,600
Pykes Creek Reservoir10 Mar 2022Golden perch10,000
Pyramid Creek15 Mar 2013Golden perch5,000
Quarry Street Reserve Lake15 Jun 2021Rainbow trout200
Rabl Park Lake7 Sep 2011Rainbow trout300
Rainbow Creek30 Nov 2021Australian bass1,000
Ratzcastle Lake8 Mar 2019Golden perch6,000
Richardson River26 Apr 2012Golden perch5,000
Rocklands Reservoir17 Mar 2022Murray cod36,000
Rocky Valley Reservoir15 Nov 2016Chinook salmon700
Rokewood Reservoir7 Sep 2021Rainbow trout200
Rowville Lakes24 Mar 2022Silver perch4,000
Roxburgh Park Lakes25 Feb 2022Murray cod1,000
Ryans Creek5 Jun 2019Brown trout500
Sambell Lake26 Feb 2022Golden perch4,000
Serpentine Creek8 Feb 2022Murray cod3,000
Serviceton Reservoir8 Mar 2019Golden perch6,000
Seven Creeks5 Feb 2021Golden perch4,000
Simpson Recreation Reserve Lake No. 121 Sep 2017Rainbow trout200
Simpson Recreation Reserve Lakes7 Sep 2021Rainbow trout300
Skipton Railway Dam9 Jun 2016Rainbow trout200
Snowy River30 Nov 2021Australian bass50,000
Spavin Lake16 Sep 2021Rainbow trout600
St Arnaud Old Swimming Pool18 Jun 2012Rainbow trout200
St Augustine's Water Hole29 Aug 2016Rainbow trout500
St Augustines Water Hole9 Sep 2021Rainbow trout750
St Georges Dam13 Sep 2021Rainbow trout100
St Georges Lake17 Aug 2021Rainbow trout2,000
Stanley Ditch Dam26 Feb 2022Golden perch1,000
Struan Lake13 Dec 2016Estuary perch5,000
Sumsion Gardens Lake13 Sep 2021Rainbow trout400
Talbot Reservoir5 Oct 2021Rainbow trout2,000
Tambo River23 Nov 2021Australian bass10,000
Tamboon Inlet20 Apr 2016Mulloway5,000
Tarwin River East Branch12 Sep 2007Rainbow trout1,000
Taylors Lake3 Feb 2022Murray cod43,800
Tchum Lake10 Feb 2022Silver perch10,000
Tea Tree Lake7 Sep 2021Rainbow trout300
Teddington Bottom Reservoir17 Aug 2021Rainbow trout2,000
Teddington Top Reservoir2 Nov 2016Brown trout2,000
The Gong2 Sep 2021Rainbow trout200
Thomson River30 Nov 2021Australian bass5,000
Timbarra River23 Nov 2021Australian bass20,000
Tom Thumb Lake11 Jun 2021Rainbow trout200
Tooliorook Lake20 Oct 2021Rainbow trout30,000
Toolondo Reservoir24 Oct 2019Rainbow trout4,000
Traralgon Creek19 Nov 2019Australian bass1,000
Tronah Dredge Hole2 Sep 2021Rainbow trout400
Tullaroop Reservoir25 Oct 2021Rainbow trout8,200
Tungamah Weir Pool16 Mar 2016Golden perch2,000
Tyers Lake30 Nov 2021Estuary perch25,000
Tyers River23 Nov 2021Australian bass2,000
Upper Coliban Reservoir30 Mar 2022Golden perch10,000
Upper Goulburn River28 Jun 2016Brown trout5,000
Upper Sandy Creek Dam4 Mar 2022Silver perch14,000
Upper Stony Creek Reservoir5 Nov 2021Rainbow trout5,000
Valencia Creek16 Nov 2021Australian bass1,000
Valley Lake19 Jun 2013Rainbow trout100
Victoria Lake Maryborough8 Apr 2021Golden perch5,000
Victoria Lake Shepparton8 Mar 2022Silver perch5,000
Victoria Lakes Ballarat14 Sep 2021Rainbow trout500
Walkers Lake8 Mar 2022Silver perch13,300
Wallace Lake5 Oct 2021Brown trout2,000
Walter J Smith Reserve Lake10 Sep 2021Rainbow trout200
Waranga Basin26 Feb 2022Golden perch53,000
Wartook Lake18 Aug 2021Rainbow trout10,000
Watchem Lake10 Feb 2022Silver perch10,000
Wendouree Lake3 Aug 2021Rainbow trout10,000
Werribee River13 Dec 2016Estuary perch15,000
West Barwon Dam3 Nov 2021Brown trout30,000
William Hovell Lake27 May 2021Rainbow trout10,000
Willow Lake3 Mar 2022Golden perch5,000
Wimmera River10 Mar 2022Silver perch50,000
Wodonga Racecourse Lake21 Sep 2012Rainbow trout300
Wombat Reservoir30 Sep 2021Rainbow trout1,000
Wonnangatta River20 Nov 2017Australian bass40,000
Wooroonook Lake8 Mar 2022Silver perch10,000
Wurdiboluc Reservoir9 Nov 2021Brown trout30,000
Yaapeet Lake10 Feb 2022Silver perch2,000
Yarralumla Drive Lake18 Sep 2017Rainbow trout100
Yarrambat Lake5 Apr 2022Rainbow trout300
Yarriambiack Creek3 Mar 2022Golden perch9,000