2021 Recreational Guide changes

Changes to recreational fishing regulations

From 1 February 2021, some recreational fishing regulations have changed. They include introducing a bag limit for spider crabs including giant spider crabs.

From 1 April 2021, a slot limit will come into effect for black bream within the Gippsland Lakes and its tributaries.

The 2021 guide also features minor alterations to content, which act to clarify existing regulations.

General guide updates

We have made some adjustments and improvements to the guide, listed below.

Change from 2020Page in hard copy guide

Introduction of black bream slot limit applying to the Gippsland Lakes and tributaries (effective 1 April, 2021)

Page 12

Shark (all species oher than school and gummy shark, great white shark, greynurse shark and elephantfish) bag limit clarified

Page 21

Crabs (all species except European green shore crab, spider crabs including giant spider crab and giant crab*) bag limit clarified

Page 23

Spider crabs including giant spider crab information added and bag limit introduced

Page 24

Collection methods for crabs information updated

Page 24

Prawns (all species) bag limit clarified

Page 25

Measuring your rock lobster information updated

Page 28

Safety information when diving for abalone updated


Pipis possession limit clarified

Page 32

Specified lakes and impoundments for Murray cod clarified

Page 53

Trout and salmon family fishing lakes updated

Page 61

Yabby (freshwater) bag limits clarified

Page 66

Want a hard copy?

The Victorian Recreational Fishing Guide is available in three key formats: hard copy, via our VicFishing app and here on our website (PDF - 12.4 MB) .

Hard copies can be obtained from most fishing tackle shops that sell recreational fishing licences, by ringing the Customer Service Centre on 136 186 or from most regional offices of The Victorian Fisheries Authority.

You may also email improving.fishing@vfa.vic.gov.au to obtain a hard copy of the latest Victorian Recreational Fishing Guide.

Please be advised it can take several weeks for the guides to arrive after ordering.