Macquarie perch

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Picture of a Macquarie perch

Common name/sMacquarie perch
Scientific name

Macquaria australasica

Protected species

The taking of Macquarie perch is prohibited in all Victorian waters (bag limit of 0).

Macquarie perch inadvertently caught, must be immediately returned to the water with the least possible damage or injury.

Additional information

Effective 20 December 2023, the take of Macquarie perch is prohibited in all Victorian waters. The 2023-24 Victorian Recreational Fishing Guide was printed before this date and incorrectly states a bag limit of 1 for Macquarie perch in Lake Dartmouth (and its tributaries) and a bag limit of 2 in Upper Coliban Reservoir (and its tributaries).

The VFA and partners are recovering Macquarie perch. To read more, visit: