Macquarie perch

Vic Fishing Rec Guide 2015

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Picture of a Macquarie perch
Minimum legal size: 35cm

Common Name/s: Macquarie perch
Scientific Name:

Macquaria australasica

Minimum legal size: 35 cm
Bag/possession limit:

- Lake Dartmouth (and its tributaries): 1
- Yarra River  (and its tributaries): 2
- Upper Coliban Reservoir (and its tributaries): 2
- All other Victorian waters: 0

Retained whole or in carcass form

Macquarie perch can only be taken from Lake Dartmouth, the Yarra River and the Upper Coliban Reservoir (and their tributaries).
The taking of Macquarie perch is prohibited in all other waters.
Closed season:

1 Oct-31 Dec inclusive.