Aquatic Pests

Victoria has both freshwater and marine pests that have been declared as noxious species. Noxious species must not be returned to the water as they might feed on, or out compete, our native wildlife and can seriously affect fish habitat and fish stocks. Pests are almost impossible to get rid of once they have arrived, so it is much more effective to stop them spreading in the first place. Anyone using inland or marine waters can help.

You can help protect our waters by following the 6 Ds to keep your boat and gear clean.

Six Ds to Deter Pests

Native Seastars

Northern Pacific Seastar

  1. Dislodge all plants and animals and bin them.
  2. Drain water from boat and gear. Try not to let it drain back into the water.
  3. Dispose of unwanted live bait in a bin.
  4. Douse your boat and gear with freshwater. Try not to let it drain back into the water.
  5. Dry your boat and equipment.
  6. Don't forget to apply an authorised antifoulant where appropriate (within the antifoulant maximum in-service period and as directed on the can).

Areas on Your Boat to Target

Boat Target Areas

Freshwater Pests

Some common freshwater pests that have been declared noxious include common carp, marron, mosquito fish and weather loach.

Marine Pests

Some common marine pests include Northern Pacific seastar, European fan worm, European shore crab and Japanese kelp.

The Northern Pacific Seastar

The Northern Pacific seastar is one of the worst marine pests in Victoria. A threat to fish stocks and the marine environment, these seastars release millions of eggs and can grow a full body from a single arm. If you remove them from the water, make sure you bin them whole.

They are often mistaken for native species so make sure you can tell the difference.