Sharks, Skates and Rays

Vic Fishing Rec Guide 2015

Measuring your catch

Shark: Measure shark from the rear most gill slit to the base of the tail fin.
Measurement can be made on any side of the body. See carcass definition.

For each species of fish not listed a bag/possession limit of 5 applies.

Elephant Fish

Elephant fish
Scientific name: Callorhinchus milii

Catch Limits

Gummy Shark

Gummy shark
Scientific name: Mustelus antarcticus

Catch Limits

School Shark

School (snapper) shark
Scientific name: Galeorhinus galeus

Catch Limits

White Shark

White shark & grey nurse shark
Scientific name: Carcharodon carcharias and Carcharias taurus

Catch Limits

Bronze Whaler Shark

(all species other than school and gummy shark, white shark, grey nurse shark and elephantfish)

Catch Limits

Southern Fiddler Ray

Skates & rays (all species)

Catch Limits