VRFish performance and expenditure 2010-11

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VRFish is a company limited by guarantee, operating under the terms of the Constitution of the Victorian Recreational Fishing Peak Body (VRFish).

It isgoverned by a Board of Directors and funded principally from the Recreational Fishing Licence (RFL) Trust Account, which is established under the Fisheries Act 1995 to receive all recreational fishing licence revenue.

VRFish's charter is to consult broadly with the recreational fishing community to represent their views in an accurate and timely manner to Government and its agencies, as well as communicate effectively with Victorian anglers.

In order to ensure accountability for the funds provided to VRFish from the RFL Trust Account, VRFish has entered a Core Funding Agreement with the State of Victoria.

The Agreement requires VRFish to, amongst other things, report annually on its performance and expenditure.

The reports below constitute VRFish's Statement of Performance and Expenditure for financial year 2010-11.

For more information visit http://www.vrfish.com.au