Permitted use of equipment

Vic Fishing Rec Guide 2015

  Maximum number permitted
Equipment TypeMarine Waters**Inland Waters**
Lines per person 4 2
Hooks per line 2, or 1 bait jig 2, or 1 bait jig
Bait traps – labelled* 2 2
Hoop nets – labelled* 2
(Closed Season applies)
(5 in some waters)
10 in all waters (maximum in combination with open top lift nets)
Open top lift net – labelled* 0 0 (Specific waters only)
10 in all other waters (maximum in combination with hoop nets)
Hand held spear/spear gun Specific waters only 0
Baited line with no hook 10 10
Dip/landing net 1 1
Bait net (hauling net) Specific waters onlySpecific waters only
Bait pump 1 1

* The use of hoop nets and bait traps is permitted ONLY if each piece of equipment is tagged and labelled. The tag must remain on or above the water surface when the device is in use.

** For definition of 'inland' and 'marine' waters.

*** A gaff can only be used to assist anglers to take or land fish (other than invertebrates). A gaff can only be used with a rod and line or handline.

Equipment not permitted

Report Illegal Fishing
  • Set lines
  • Mesh nets, cast nets
  • Crab pots
  • Snares
  • Mussel rakes
  • Barbed flying gaffs or harpoons

You must not use or possess these in, on or next to Victorian waters, including private waters.

Explosives, firearms and bows and arrows cannot be used to take, attempt to take, injure or destroy fish.

You may not tow, drag or haul any net behind a motor boat under propulsion in any Victorian waters.