The Pelican's Pick

Yay it’s Friday which means it’s Pelican Pick time again, our weekly roundup of fishing tips from around the state. Good luck this weekend!

Friday, 26 February


The kings were on fire this week with some cracking fish caught at several locations. The hotspots are The Rip, where Tegan (📷) landed hers, Portland, Cliffy Islands, Tamboon and off Mallacoota. Jigs, live squid or trolled squid strips are the go, but a popper or stick bait is always worth a cast particularly when the fish are up on the surface feeding. Kingfish are great fun on the rod, the bigger models test the best tackle, gear and knots and they’re even better on the plate. While usually kingies will require a good blue water boat, in recent years they’ve started turning up in odd spots with schools seen in the Gippsland Lakes and even the Docklands.

Right along the coast the King Gorge whiting are still going strong! In the Gippsland Lakes and Corner Inlet, in the Reeve Channel, Metung, Sperm Whale Head, Boole Pool, you name the place and they are all worth a try. Best baits are pipis, mussel or prawn. Whiting have also been caught in good numbers around both the bays, with the Middle Spit in Western Port or the Pinnace Channel in Port Phillip both cracker spots to try.

The new Wangim Walk on Geelong’s waterfront has been proving popular with fishers. Plenty of flathead and pinkies have kept rods bent.

In the Snowy River, luderick are taking sandworm and perch are being caught on hard bodies with the best time at dawn and dusk.

Some large tailor are being reeled in on lures in Lake Tyers and good flathead on soft plastics too.

Fishers were getting reasonable numbers of black bream at Bemm River, with some large fish taken, plus smaller numbers of dusky flathead and tailor.


In the north of the state, Tchum Lake is producing redfin and yellas, and in Gunbower Creek the Murray cod are loving lures and cheese.

Good numbers of redfin are being caught at a range of locations such as Eildon, Upper Coliban and Barkers Creek. Two of the top picks this week are Lake Fyans, with good sized reddies on lures. This lake is known for its big reddies, as is Lake Hume with plenty caught on soft plastics.

The Wimmera River below Dimboola Weir has reports of good yellas on soft plastics and small reddies. This seems to have coincided with increased flows moving down the system.

Yellas are being caught on yabbies in Lake Eildon, and Murray cod and yellas are going well at Lake Nillahcootie. Most fishers are having luck from the bank using shrimp.

In Lake Dartmouth you can get a good feed of yabbies. Best results seem to be for those working their open top lift nets into the evening.

For the trout fishers, the Rubicon River is producing brown trout on cast bladed lures and plastics. Small trout have been caught in the Acheron and Little Stevenson rivers upstream of Buxton, and the Goulburn River between Alexandra and Eildon is producing trout on all methods.

- Mr Percy