Jerusalem Creek (to main wall)

The Jerusalem Creek area is arguably the most popular in Eildon, due in part to its proximity to Melbourne, but also for the consistent results it produces. To fish this area, access can be gained by launching boats at the Alliance boat ramp or at Jerusalem Creek itself. Even at relatively low lake levels, there is always deep water through the main arm and into Jerusalem Creek. Trout are caught by trolling all the way from the ramp towards the juncture of the Big River Arm and the main arm towards the dam wall. Autumn is the best time, before the trout push up the rivers to spawn.

Redfin can be caught by bait fishing with small yabbies, worms or small soft plastic lures fishing vertically in timber or adjacent rock walls. It pays to move around to find a depth and location where they are holding. It’s helpful to find a tree to tie up to rather than drift or you’ll get snagged often.

Golden perch are found amongst submerged timber and rocks and anywhere from a few metres down to the bottom. The same gear and baits for redfin are perfect for golden perch. It is a matter of trial and error to find them. Some people take advantage of downscan and sidescan sonar technologies to find schools or move around and give each location 20 minutes. The goldens usually bite better as the water warms. As they are schooling fish, where you find one, you’ll find more. Usually, redfin are near the bottom in up to 15 metres while golden perch may be in mid-water.

Murray cod can be caught trolling, bait fishing or casting lures. Concentrate along the shoreline and no deeper than 10 metres. Zone in on rock walls, clay banks with heavy timber and don’t ignore the areas around the house boats, especially if bait fishing because cod are attracted to structure and food scraps. Some very big cod are caught inside Point Roadknight and also along the main arm. Shore based fishing is limited to the Jerusalem Creek boat ramp area and towards the campground, provided the lake level is not too low.

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The Fraser Block of Lake Eildon National Park or ‘Frasers’ as it’s commonly known, is the middle section of the lake from the dam wall to the start of the Brankeet Arm. It’s a beautiful area and very popular with houseboats, which are available for hire. Access is either via the ramp at Coller Bay or from the Alliance ramp at the dam wall.

There are many bays and deep inlets on both sides of the main arm, such as Aird, Woolshed, Maintongoon, Coller Bay, Taylors Bay and Bolte Bay. Most are deep and quite long, well timbered, and worth exploring. Each provide great opportunities to fish by bait or lure casting for Murray cod, golden perch or redfin.

Trout trollers have the best success in the main arm itself although the mouths of each bay and inlet are worth a shot without going in too far. The dam wall itself is a hot spot for Murray cod and golden perch and the scene of many good captures, especially after dark as fishers will troll and cast up and down the wall. Make sure to keep out of the exclusion zones, which are clearly marked at the tower and spillway. Shore based fishing can be undertaken around the Alliance boat ramp, and the campgrounds in Frasers.

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Eildon Pondage

Below the main dam wall is the Eildon Pondage, adjacent to the town of Eildon. The pondage is regularly stocked with rainbow and brown trout from Fisheries’ Snobs Creek hatchery nearby. Sometimes, large ex-brood stock are released up to 4 and 5kg each. The stocked trout make for excellent family fishing with wonderful access and picnic facilities.

Bait fishing dominates the effort at the pondage. The fish respond well to dough style artificial baits or commonly used natural baits. Some fishers are successful with cast lures and fly fishing.

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