Lake Eildon is a centre piece of Victoria’s northeast and a hub for outdoor activities, not just fishing. The lake is a manmade storage on the Goulburn catchment and an integral part of Victoria’s irrigation system that delivers water downstream for agriculture. Featuring over 500 kilometres of shoreline, Lake Eildon is vast and variable with thick forest along its southern shores and grassy farmland along much of its northern.

For a long time, Lake Eildon’s freshwater fishing options were dominated by trout and redfin however in recent decades and thanks to extensive stocking programs, an outstanding mixed fishery now exists that also includes Murray cod and golden perch.

All four of these species offer something for all skill levels, year-round, and from boats or the shore. The lake is well serviced by launching facilities such as the Alliance ramp at the dam wall, Jerusalem Creek and Goughs Bay with smaller seasonal ramps that can be used depending on the lake level.

Murray cod have become a big thing in Eildon, having grown in numbers and size thanks to the stocking of millions of fingerlings.

Lake Eildon is now arguably Victoria’s best big Murray cod water. It’s open year-round too because the three month long closed season for the species does not apply there. Trolling, bait fishing and casting are all popular and effective fishing methods offering something for everyone 12 months of the year.