Burrowing shrimp (all species including Bass yabbies)

Bass Yabbie

Bass yabby

Common name/sBurrowing shrimp (all species including bass yabbies)
Minimum legal size No minimum
Bag limitOutside of restricted areas: a total combined of 0.5 litres of burrowing shrimp from one or more species.

This bag limit does not apply to purchased bait.
Additional information

You can't collect burrowing shrimp in Marine National Parks and Sanctuaries.

Outside of restricted areas, only the following methods can be used to collect shrimps and prawns:

  • by hand
  • by using 1 dip net
  • by using up to 2 bait traps
  • by using one bait pump only
  • by using 1 bait net only

Bait nets can only be used in waters at least 30m from any jetty or pier, and at least 400m from the mouth of any creek or river in the Gippsland Lakes (excluding the North Arm and Cunninghame Arm), Lake Tyers (excluding the waters pictured near the bottom of this page), the Lower Lake of Mallacoota Inlet, Corner Inlet, Shallow Inlet, Anderson Inlet And in marine waters on the seaward side of the moths of any inlet or river.

Bait nets cannot be used in any other marine waters. The use of bait nets is also restricted in some inland waters (rivers). Click here for more information on using equipment in inland waters.

The number, size and shape of the equipment used is important. It is also important that your equipment is appropriately labelled. Click here for a summary of the fishing gear that can legally be used in Victoria, and how to use it.

Remember, collecting for other people contributes to your bag limit.