Pipis in hand

Common name Pipis
Scientific nameDonax deltoides
Minimum legal size No minimum
Bag limit

Outside of restricted areas (listed in additional information below):

Cape Liptrap Coastal Park between Point Smyth and Arch Rock, including Venus Bay: 2 litres of whole pipis or 0.5 litres of shucked pips (pipis removed from their shells)

In all other Victorian waters: 5 litres of whole pipis or 1 litre of shucked pipis

Possession limit100 kg of pipis anywhere in Victoria. This is the maximum number of a particular type of fish that a person can possess at any one time anywhere in Victoria (including your home).
Additional information

Pipis can be collected by hand only.

Equipment such as rakes, spades, nets or other digging implements cannot be used to collect pipis in the intertidal zone

Remember, collecting for other people contributes to your bag limit.

You can't collect pipis in waters less than 2m deep (the intertidal zone) in Port Phillip Bay. Click here for more information on Port Phillip Bay's intertidal zone.

You can't collect pipis in Marine National Parks and Sanctuaries. Click here for more information on Marine National Parks and Sanctuaries.

Collecting pipis in Venus Bay

Venus Bay in the summer of 2008/2009 experienced an abundance of pipis and harvest pressure from recreational fishers increased.

To guarantee that Venus Bay pipis are shared between recreational fishers today and sustained for future generations, we've changed the bag limits for pipis in the area between Arch Rock and Point Smythe (including Venus Bay) in the Cape Liptrap Coastal Park:

  • The bag limit for pipis in shell is 2 litres per person.
  • For shucked or split pipis (pipis removed from their shell), the bag limit is 0.5 litres per person.

The reduced limit was introduced in 2009 given increased harvesting by recreational pipi collectors in the Venus Bay area.

We recognise that fishers and families from a diverse range of backgrounds enjoy collecting pipis, either for food or bait, at Venus Bay. The reduced catch limit will help to ensure that access is shared among recreational collectors.

Signage at beach access points will remind visitors of the pipi catch limits and flyers will again be widely distributed by Fisheries Officers. Collectors are reminded that a Recreational Fishing Licence is required unless exempt and that pipis may only be taken with the use of your own hands. Tools of any size or shape are not permitted.

Remember, collecting for other people contributes to your bag limit.