More habitat for the Little Murray River

The Little Murray River’s big Murray cod now have more fish habitat, thanks to your fishing licence fees!

A section of the river near Swan Hill had large snags installed in late 2020 to provide areas for fish to rest and grab a feed.

The North Central Catchment Management Authority (NCCMA) carried out the work, and used a Recreational Fishing Grant worth $68,631 to carry out phase two of the project.

The NCCMA also received money in the 2020-21 round of grants to complete phase three of the project, which will provide even more instream habitat.

Cod and yellas will both benefit from logs installed close to the bank and angled downstream, near deep and flowing areas, to provide shelter and feeding opportunities.

The timber was a combination of Y-sections, rootballs and hollow logs to provide fishy houses of a variety of shapes and sizes.

A handful of clusters were also placed on beaches adjacent to deeper pools, creating catfish habitat. All structures have been pinned in place to prevent movement during periods of high flow.

Regional Roads Victoria provided the timber and transport, and the site was selected by a group including Wamba Wamba Traditional Owners, Lake Boga Fishing Club, VR Fish and the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning.