Merri River fish hotels

The amount of native fish habitat in the Merri River has increased after a project conducted by the Glenelg Hopkins Catchment Management Authority.

Funded by a $13,761 Recreational Fishing Grant, the CMA built and installed a number of 'fish hotels'.

The 'hotels' are structures made of timber which had been salvaged by the CMA and Parks Victoria from Lake Elingamite, near Cobden.

About 40 red gum root balls were put into a 400-metre stretch adjacent to and downstream of Platypus Park along a 400-metre stretch of the river.

The increased habitat will provide areas for species such as estuary perch and bream to shelter and breed.

The timber salvage followed the Saint Patricks Day Fires of 2018, and the structures were put together with the assistance of Conservation Volunteers Australia.

Other agencies involved in the project were Parks Victoria, Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, DELWP Barwon South West and Conservation Volunteers Australia.