Recreational Fishing Grants Working Group Meeting 35

4 July 2018 - Location: Victorian Fisheries Authority, 1 Spring Street, Melbourne

Chairperson's Summary

This was the 35th meeting of the Recreational Fishing Grants Working Group.

Key items discussed included:

  • Small Grant applications – Recent applications
  • Review of Small Grants Program: Objectives, conditions and guidelines
  • Freshwater Fisheries Management Update
  • RFGWG – Review and Preparation for next term of appointment
  • Expenditure of RFL funds in TOM
  • Gone Fishing Day Funding Program
  • Women in Fishing Initiative
  • Fishcare Funding

Small Grant applications – recent applications

There had been a notable increase in the number of applications that have been declined by the Working Group in 2017/18. In a lot of these cases the applications were clearly outside of the conditions and guidelines associated with the program. Despite this the number of funded applications had remained consistent over the last six years.

Review of Small Grants Program: Objectives, conditions and guidelines

Given the increased amount of unsuitable applications that had been received, the Working Group commenced a review of the Small Grant conditions and guidelines.

Freshwater Fisheries Management update

The Working Group were provided with an update that included information on the development of the Freshwater Fisheries Management Plan, new Angler Diary App, phasing out of opera house nets, the need for a new Northern Fish Hatchery, and the forthcoming 2018 Talk Wild Trout Conference.

RFGWG – Review and Preparation for next term of appointment

An expression of interest process for the next term of the RFGWG is being prepared given that the current term of appointment for all members of the Working Group will expire on 22 January 2019.

Expenditure of RFL funds in Target One Million

Information was provided on how $2.3M from the RFL Trust Account towards the implementation of the Target One Million Plan is being spent. This included funding towards the following components: Fish stocking across the State, Gippsland River Mouths, Victorian Recreational Catch Survey, Stocking Barramundi in Hazelwood Pondage, Stronger Fishing Club Grants, Expanding the Angler Diary Program, Victorian Trout Festival, and Infrastructure and Access Projects.

Gone Fishing Day funding program

Information was provided on a new funding program that will be offered by the VFA to assist angling clubs wishing to run events on National Gone Fishing Day.

Women in Fishing initiative

Information was provided on the Women in Fishing Initiative and the associated Women in Recreational Fishing Leadership Program Scholarships that are being provided by the VFA.

Fishcare Funding

Advice was provided that the existing funding arrangement for Fishcare Victoria had been extended for a further three years through to 2021.

Next meeting: TBC

Rob Loats


Recreational Fishing Grants Working Group