Murray codference


The Murray Codference is an annual all-day celebration of native fish and fishing that has been held annually at Shepparton since 2016.

The conference style event brings together 300-600 recreational fishers, fisheries managers, researchers and resource managers annually to learn all about our native fisheries and how they’re tracking, plus tips and tactics to improve fishing success from Australia’s best anglers.

The Murray Codference is a free event funded by the State Government’s $35 million Target One Million plan to get more people fishing, more often, in more places.

To learn more about the Murray Codference:

Stay tuned for further announcements regarding the 2020 Murray Codference.

For further information about the Murray Codference, please contact Anthony Forster, Manager of Freshwater Fisheries (, Taylor Hunt, Fisheries Manager ( or John Douglas, Fisheries Manager (

Murray Codference Proceedings

To download Murray Codference Proceedings, click below:

Murray Codference Videos

Videos are also available of presentations given at the 2018 and 2019 Murray Codferences, click below:

2019 Murray Codference Videos

Murray cod - The best fishing destinations, tactics and stories the video premiere - Total Native 2 - Rob Paxevanos

Murray Codference 2019 launch – Travis Dowling

Native fisheries management highlights 2019 - Anthony Forster

Lower Darling River fish loss:  An independent review - Nick Bond

Native fish report cards 2019 - Brett Ingram

Evidence driven management is crucial - Jarod Lyon

Northern native hatchery update - Danny Simpson

Changing channels - Native fish salvage and relocation - John Douglas

New age bait for BIG cod - John Cahill

Fishing for Gippsland Australian Bass - Graeme Dear

GoFishVic App - Better Data, Better Fishing - Taylor Hunt

2018 Murray Codference Videos

Bringing home, the USA Pro Bass circuit experience - Carl Jocumsen

Native fish horizons - Rocklands and beyond - Anthony Forster

Victoria’s native fish recovery - the last 20 years - Zeb Tonkin & Jarod Lyon

‘Back to the Future’ for native fish - Will Trueman

Murray cod stocking in Victoria - early history - Bill Classon

Access all areas - Michael Burgess

Kids and fishing - the perfect combination! - Robbie Alexander

The adventures of a cod girl - Karen Rees

Big cod casting tactics - Lubin Pfeiffer

Golden perch tournament tactics - Stephen Booth

Murray Codference Presenters

The Murray Codference series is proud to have featured presentations from the following speakers:

  • Rod Harrison
  • Rod MacKenzie
  • Dr Stuart Rowland
  • Carl Jocumsen
  • Rob Paxevanos
  • Steve Starling
  • Stephen Booth
  • Lubin Pfeiffer
  • Robbie Alexander
  • Bill Classon
  • Karen Rees
  • Will Trueman
  • Dr Paul Hardy-Smith
  • Cameron Westaway, NSW Fisheries
  • Luke Pearce, NSW Fisheries
  • Matt Barwick, NSW Fisheries
  • Andrew Norris, Queensland Fisheries
  • Nick Bond, Latrobe University
  • Michael Burgess, VRFish
  • Louissa Rogers, North Central CMA
  • Emma Coats, Victorian Environmental Water Holder
  • Dr Jarod Lyon, Arthur Rylah Institute
  • Dr Zeb Tonkin, Arthur Rylah Institute
  • Danny Simpson, Victoria Fisheries Authority
  • John Cahill, Ebbtide Tackle
  • Graeme Dear, East Gippsland CMA
  • Anthony Forster, Victoria Fisheries Authority
  • Taylor Hunt, Victorian Fisheries Authority
  • John Douglas, Victorian Fisheries Authority
  • Marc Ainsworth, Victorian Fisheries Authority
  • Dr Brett Ingram, Victorian Fisheries Authority
  • Craig Ingram, Victorian Fisheries Authority