Golden tag promotion terms and conditions

The Promotion

1.   The Golden Tag Promotion (Promotion) is being conducted by the Victorian Fisheries Authority (VFA) ABN 60 297 360 647.

2.   Entry is open to Australian Residents aged 18 and over and entrants aged under 18 who have the permission of their parent or guardian to participate (Eligible Entrants).

3.   Employees and contractors of VFA (including their immediate families) are ineligible to enter.

4.  The Promotion commenced on 00:00 1 March 2020.

5. The VFA reserves the right to suspend the promotion at any time in line with the Governments COVID 19 health advice, tagged fish caught during this period are not eligible for a cash prize.

6. VFA will be tagging and releasing over 1000 fish with Golden Tags, each Golden Tag will have a unique identifying number.

7. To win, Eligible Entrants must catch a fish with a Golden Tag within the State of Victoria and claim a prize (following the process in paragraphs 15 - 17 below) before the Promotion End Date.

8. Fish caught in the Promotion may be kept or released.  If a fish is released the Golden Tag must be removed (and retained) by carefully cutting the tag off close to the fish’s skin.

9.   Prizes will only be awarded for fish caught in Victorian waters, using legal recreational fishing equipment and in compliance with current Victorian fishing regulations.

10.   Only one prize will be awarded for each individual Golden Tag.


11.   The first ten Eligible Entrants to submit a valid prize claim will be awarded $10,000 (Tier One Prize).

12. As from the 9th November 2020, 20 fish will be tagged with specially marked tags with the wording ‘VFA WINNER $10K” printed on the tag, eligible entrants who submit a valid claim after catching one of these tagged fish will be awarded $10,000 (Tier One Prize).

13.   There is a limit of one Tier One Prize per Eligible Entrant.

13.   Once all Tier One Prizes have been awarded, each Eligible Entrant who submits a valid prize claim will be awarded $2,000 (Tier Two Prize).

14.   Tier One Prize winners are also eligible to win Tier Two Prizes.

15.   All Eligible Entrants may win multiple Tier Two Prizes.

Claiming a Prize

16.   To claim a prize an Eligible Entrant must:

  • a. at the time the fish is caught:
    • i. record the location and date that the fish was caught;
    • ii. measure the length of the fish;
    • iii. photograph the fish with the tag still in place; and
    • iv. remove the Golden Tag by cutting it off with a sharp knife or scissors and retain the Golden Tag.
  • b. call VFA on the phone number on the Golden Tag to report your catch, the location, date and fish size.

17.   VFA will provide Eligible Entrants who call VFA on the phone number on the Golden Tag with a Prize Claim Declaration Form for each prize claimed.

18.   The Prize Claim Declaration Form will require Eligible Entrants to confirm the date and location of the catch, Golden Tag identifying number and their compliance with these Terms and Conditions.

The information outline in article 15, including the Golden Tag itself, will be required by VFA for prize verification.

Prize Verification

19.  Before awarding a prize VFA will verify the validity of entries and eligibility of entrants.  VFA may refuse to award a prize to any individual who VFA reasonably believes has breached any of these terms or engaged in any unlawful or other improper conduct in participating in the Promotion.

20.  Prize winners will be notified via email within 14 days of VFA receiving and verifying a Prize Claim Declaration Form.

21.  Winners will have their details published on the VFA website.

22.   Prize monies will be paid to winners by electronic funds transfer within 28 days of VFA notifying the winner that the Prize Claim Declaration Form has been verified.

Use of Entrant Information

23.   VFA will collect and use entrants’ personal information in conducting the Promotion in accordance with its Privacy Policy.

24.   VFA may also use Eligible Entrants’ personal information for reasonable promotional, marketing, publicity and research purposes, including sending electronic messages to, or telephoning, any entrant.