Salmonid Fish Releases 2004

Note Number: FN0170
Published: January 2005

Fisheries Victoria Salmonid Stocking Plan

Stocking Plans are developed annually as part of the man-agement consultation process between Fisheries Victoria and Regional staff. The meetings consider in detail the performance of existing stocking programs, the results of stock assessment surveys, creel survey or angler diary data, and anything else that has or might impact on the ongoing fishery e.g. environmental conditions, water levels.

Requests by client groups for changes to current stocking programs and the implementation of new stocking pro-grams are considered. VRFish, the Victorian Recreational Fishing Peak Body, represents recreational anglers at these meetings.

Stocking Plans are subject to 'last minute' variation due to natural factors ie. flood, drought, algal blooms or man-made im-pacts such as major works on storages. Explanatory notes are provided where a planned release has been amended. Regional staff and VRFish agree to amendments before implementation.

Continuing dry conditions experienced in parts of the State during 2004 meant some scheduled releases were cancelled and others modified.

While part of the overall Salmonid Stocking Plan, the 'Small Waters Stocking Program' is reported separately. This Fisheries Note includes details of the 'Ten Waters Trout Stocking Program' – see Notes (section 7.) for an explanation.

Brown trout and Rainbow trout

Water StockedMonthFish SizeBrown TroutRainbow Trout
Aringa Res., Port Fairy52500-
53-1 000
Banimboola L., Dartmouth832 000-
53-5 000
Barker's Cr Res, Harcourt (T) (a)10/1242 000-
Batyo Catyo L, U/S

Beaufort L, Beaufort521 000-
5/83-1 000
Berwick Springs Estate L., Berwick6/95/4-2 000
Blue Rock L., Willow Grove5/63900*-
Buckland River (b)111600*-
113-2 000
Bullarto Res., Bullarto73500500

Bullen Merri L., Camperdown6310 000*-
7/103-10 000
Cairn Curran Res., Maldon  (T) (a)938 000-
Cartcarrong L, Winslow521 000-
Colbrook Res., Ballan52200-
Cosgrove Res., Creswick731 000-
83-1 000
Crooked River (b)1112 100*-
Dean Res., Dean73500-
Deep L., Derrinallum U/S
Dock L., Horsham U/S
Eildon Pondage, Eildon18100220
47/82 22760
128-101 050500
Elingamite L., Cobden732 000-
Fyans L., Pomonal  (T)8/1035 400*-
7/83-5 400*
1216 0006 000
121-6 000
Gillear L., Allansford52/31 0001 000

Glenmaggie L., Heyfield7/93-2 000*-
Goldfields Res., Maryborough94200-
Gong Gong Res., Ballarat83-500
Goulburn River, Thornton95250(e)-
Greenhill L., Ararat
Hamilton L., Hamilton522 000-
83-3 000
Hepburn Lagoon, Blampied  (T)935 000-
9/103-5 000
Hollands Cr., Tatong731 000*-
Hopkins R., Allansford732 000*-
Hume Weir, Albury-Wodonga9/10350 000*-
Jil Jil L., Donald U/S
Konongwootong Res., Coleraine52-2 000
Lauriston Res., Kyneton837 500-
Lillydale L., Lilydale7/95/4-2 000
Macalister R., Heyfield:
- above Lake Glenmaggie7-935 000*7 000*
- below Lake Glenmaggie732 000*
Malmsbury Res., Malmsbury  (T) (a)1032 000-
Merri R., Warrnambool737 300*]-
Modewarre L., Mt. Moriac  (T)934 500*-
835 0004 500*
1115 000-
111-5 000
Moorabool Res., Bolwarrah U/S

Mount Beauty Pondage1251 000-
124-1 000
Mount Emu Cr., Darlington - Skipton733 450*-
Moyne R., Port Fairy732 000*
Murdeduke L., Winchelsea (T) U/S
Narracan L., Yallourn737 000-
73-3 000
Natimuk L., Natimuk U/S

Newlyn Res., Newlyn  (T)933 600*-
1114 000-
Nursery Res., Macedon941 000-
Pakenham L., Pakenham114-2 000
Purrumbete L., Camperdown  (T)7-11315 000*-
6-113-20 000
Rocklands Res., Balmoral8310 000-
Ryans Cr., Molyullah73500*-
St.Georges L., Creswick731 000-
7/83-1 000
Suggan Buggan River (b)1213 500*-
Talbot Res., Talbot (a)94500-
Tarwin River East Branch83-1 000*
Teddington Res's., Stuart Mill U/S
Tooliorook L., Lismore U/S
Toolondo Res., Toolondo  (T) U/S
Trawool Reservoir, Trawool732 000*-
Tullaroop Res., Maryborough (c)1035 000*-
Upper Coliban Res., Kyneton U/S
Wallace L., Edenhope U/S
Wartook L., Halls Gap527 000-
Wendouree L., Ballarat9-123/43 5009 000 (a)-

West Barwon Dam, Forrest7/103-4 000
Wombat Res., Daylesford731 0001 000
Wurdi Boluc Res., Wurdiboluc832 000-
7/83-4 000

224 477119 440

Atlantic salmon

Water StockedMonthFish SizeAtlantic Salmon
Bullen Merri L., Camperdown552 550
Sub Total
-2 550

Chinook salmon

Water StockedMonthFish SizeChinook Salmon
Bullen Merri L., Camperdown4-8317 500
Purrumbete L., Camperdown6/7410 000
Sub Total-
27 500

Small Waters Stocking Program

Fisheries Victoria undertakes an annual program of stocking on-grown or advanced yearling trout in small waters (normally less than 5 hectares surface area) in, or adjacent to, population centres, the waters being accessible and safe for both junior and disabled anglers.

School holiday periods are usually targeted for these releases, with the majority of the releases being made to coincide with the second and third semester holidays when water temperatures are best suited to trout. In most instances rainbow trout are stocked as they are normally bigger than the available brown trout at that time of year and are reputedly easier to catch by inexperienced anglers.

This reporting also includes several stockings made to 'Octoberfish 2004' (formerly Fish Week) events and other special one-off occasions.

Water StockedMonthFish SizeBrown TroutRainbow Trout
Alexandra L., Ararat6/95-400
Anderson L., Chiltern6/95-300
Arboretum L., Euroa6-95-400
Bartlett L., Tatura65-200
Cato L., Stawell95-300
Caulfield Racecourse L., Caulfield6/95-400
Cummins Reserve L, YeaU/S---
Donald Caravan Park L., DonaldU/S

Dunmunkle Cr. L., Rupanyup95-300
Emerald L., Emerald6/9/5-1 400
Ess Lagoon,Casterton6/92-5-1 000
Gate Lake, Mornington93100-
Golf Course Dam, Longwood95-200
Gutheridge L., Sale95-250
Guyatt L.,  Sale65-250
Hanging Rock L., Hanging Rock6/105/4-1 100
Heyfield Racecourse L., Heyfield95-200
Hyland L., Churchill6/93-4500-
6-114-6-2 000
Jack Roper Reserve L.,
Jubilee L., Daylesford95-200
Jubilee L., Skipton94-250
Kennington Res., Bendigo94-300
Lismore Golf Club Dam, LismoreU/S---
Marysville Dam, Marysville6/95
Morwell L., Morwell6-95-1 500
Nhill Lake95
Old Dunkeld Arboretum6/95/4-400
Police Paddock Dam, Horsham95-200
Rable Park L., Murtoa95-300
Railway dam, Skipton65-250
Rowville Lakes, Knox6/95-1 500
Roxburgh Park Lakes6/95-4-400
St. Augustines, Geelong6/95-6-400
Sambell L., Beechworth6-/95-600
Seagull L., Corio6-105-1 200
Skipton Lake62
Taylors Lakes., KeilorU/S---
Tea Tree L., Mortlake6/95-400
Tom Thumb L., Eaglehawk6/95-200
Victoria L., Ballarat9/105-800
Watonga Drive Dam, HorshamU/S--
Westlake Reserve, Melton6-105/4-800
Whittlesea Botanical Gardens L., WhittleseaU/S---
Yarrambat L, Yarrambat (RFL)6-125/4-1 150
Sub Total

50021 150

Client group stocking programs

Client group releases authorised by the department for which fish release details have been confirmed are listed below. Authorised stockings for which no stocking report has been received will be listed at some future date when the required information is available.

NOTE:  It is an offence to stock fish into any Victorian water, both public and private, without the written permission of the Executive Director, Fisheries Division. Penalty: up to $2 000.

Water StockedOrg.MonthFish SizeBrown TroutRainbow Trout
Goulburn RiverRHFF 3/4250 490-
Rowville L's., RowvilleRW 126/9-202
Tullaroop Res, MaryboroughBDAA 113-7 000
Wendouree L., BallaratBFAS 933 000-
Sub Total--53 49007 202

Total releases - Numbers

3.1 Fisheries Victoria (Parts 1.1 to 1.3 above)
Fingerling21 20011 000--32 200
Yearling203 550123 0502 55027 500356 650
2YO5 0271 340--6 367
Sub-Total229 977135 5902 55027 500395 617
3.2 Client Group Stockings (Part 2 above)
Yearling53 4907 000--60 490
Sub-Total53 4907 202--60 692
3.3 Total Stockings (3.1 & 3.2 above)
All Fish283 467142 7922 55027 500456 309

Total releases - Weight (kg)

4.1 Fisheries Victoria (Parts 1.1 to 1.3 above)
Yearling17 50015 7006253 16336 988
2YO6 0231 230--7 253
Sub Total24 38617 6066253 16345 779

Fish release sizes

SizeWeight Range (g)
Fish weight ranges 2004 (Fisheries Victoria Programs):
FingerlingsBrown trout:4.5g
Rainbow trout:6.5g
Yearlings:Brown trout20 - 145g
Rainbow trout32 - 300g
Atlantic salmon240 - 250g
Chinook salmon110 - 120g
2YORanged in individual fish weight between 1.3 and 1.8kg for brown trout and 1.1 and 1.5kg for rainbow trout.
3YORanged in individual fish weight between 3.1 and 4.5kg for brown trout and 3.0 and 4.2kg for rainbow trout.


Man Days197
Liberation vehicles79 800km


*Indicates fin-clipped fish were released. Left ventral wastandard clip for 2004.
(a)Received partial allocation in 2004 due to low water level.
(b)Bushfire affected river for which stocking may accelerate its natural recovery.
(c)Stocked in 2004 to 'bridge' missing year classes stemming from poor recruitment in drought affected tributaries.
MonthThe date of release in months (i.e. 4 = April, 10 = October). Where the total allocation was released over several months, the first and last months of releases are usually shown.
BDAABallarat & District Angling Association
BFASBallarat Fish Acclimatisation Society
FFFutureFish Foundation
RCPRocklands Caravan Park
RWRay White Real Estate Pty. Ltd.
TTen Waters Trout Stocking Program. A five-year trial program of stocking selected waters each year with both yearling fish (fin-clipped) and fingerling fish. The objective of the program is to assess the relative contributions to fish stock and angler harvest from the release of the two different sized fish. Drought impacts, low water levels and maintenance works by water management authorities has meant that some of these waters have not received fingerling fish in 2004, the last year of the trial, as anticipated.
U/SWater conditions unsuitable for stocking due to low water level (drought impacts) or maintenance works.
BTBrown Trout
RTRainbow Trout
ASAtlantic salmon
2YOTwo-year-old fish
3YOThree-year-old fish.


Published by Marc Ainsworth