Salmonid Fish Releases 1996

Note Number: FN0137
Published: January 1998


WaterDateSizeBrown TroutRainbow Trout
Acheron R.102YO250-
Aringa Res.88500500
Barwon R. - Ceres58*3,000-
Batyo Catyo L.69-2,000
Beaufort L.88500-
Blue Rock L.05-Aug87,000-
Bostock Res.983,000-
Bullarto Res.681,000-
Bullen Merri L. (a)48-1,400
Cairn Curran Res.05-Oct820,000-

Campaspe R.88*1,000-
(Bel. Eppalock L.)

Cartcarrong L.881,000-
Caulfield Racecourse L.1110*50*175

Colbrook Res.78*200-
Cosgrove Res.681,000-
Daylesford L.69-500
Dean Res.68200-
Deep L.581,0001,000
Dock L.05-Jun08-Sep-5,000
Eildon Pondage03-AprR2YO#2,500-



Elingamite L.07-Aug91,000500
Fyans L.04-Aug07-Sep4,0004,000
Gillear L.04-Aug08-Sep1,0001,000
Glenmaggie Res.08-Sep08-Sep*10,000-
Goldfields Res.88500-
Gong Res.06-Jul82,500-
Greenhill L.04-Jun8*2,000-
Hamilton L.683,000-
Hanging Rock L.05-Aug8400-
Harcourt Res.58*3,500-
Hepburn Lagoon05-Aug08-Sep5,0003,000

Hollands Cr.88*1,000-
Hopkins R.982,000-
Hume Res.06-Aug810,000-
Jacksons Cr.58*1,000-
Jamieson R.99*2,000-
Jil Jil L.810-*1,000
Jubilee L.710-*100
King R.08-Nov08-Sep*5,000-
Konong Wootong Res.98*3,000-
Landsborough Res.810-*200
Lang Lang R.78*3,000-
Lauriston Res.06-Jul87,500-
Learmonth L.05-Aug08-Sep5,0005,000

Lillydale L.06-Oct09-Oct-1,500
Macalister R.

- Below Glenmaggie L808-Oct*2,000*925
- Above Glenmaggie L09-Oct10-10+-*9,530
Malmsbury Res.06-Aug87,500-
Merri R.

- Below Weir07-Aug86,000-
- Above Weir881,300-
Modewarre L.05-Sep08-Oct*5,000*5,000
Moorabool Res.06-Aug810,000-
Mount Emu Cr.

- Below Darlington98*2,000-
Murdeduke L.05-Aug09-Oct
Natimuk L.05-Jun9-5,000

Newlyn Res.05-Aug9*2,000*2,000
Ovens R. (Ab. M'ford)08-Sep08-Sep*5,000
Pine L.05-Aug82,500-
Purrumbete L.05-Nov8-10+*15,000*10,000
Rainbow Cr.88*1,000-
Redbank Res.89-200
Rocklands Res.06-Nov08-Oct26,25014,370
Ryans Cr.88*500-
Sugarloaf Res.05-Sep08-Sep5,0002,500
Talbot Res.881,000-
Tarwin R. (East Branch)88*3,000-
Teddington Res's.

- Top881,000-
- Bottom881,500-
Tooliorook L.581,0002,000
Toolondo Res.05-Nov08-Oct*20,000*5,000
Upper Coliban Res.05-Aug08-Sep7,500-

Wallace L.581,0003,000
Wendouree L.69-*6,000
West Barwon Dam89-1,000
Wombat Res.07-Aug08-Oct*1,000*1,000
Yarra R.10-Nov09-Oct*4,000-

Chinook Salmon

WaterDateSizeChinook salmon
Bullen Merri L. (a)48*3,500
Elingamite L.79*1,000
Modewarre L.05-Aug09-Oct*5,000
Murdeduke L.68*5,000
Purrumbete L.05-Sep08-Sep*15,000

Small Waters Stocking Program

A program of stocking ongrown or advanced yearling trout in small waters (normally less than 5 hectares surface area) in, or adjacent to, population centres, the waters being accessible and safe for both junior and disabled anglers.

School holiday periods are usually targeted for these releases, with the majority of the releases being made to coincide with the second and third semester holidays when water temperatures are best suited to trout.

In most instances rainbow trout are stocked as they are normally bigger than brown trout at that time of year and are reputedly easier to catch by inexperienced anglers.

WaterDateSizeBrown troutRainbow trout
Cobden L.06-Sep9-10++70400
Donald Car. Park L.10-Jan10-10++70200
Emerald L.06-Sep9-10++70800
Guyatt L.06-Sep9-10++701,000

Dredge Holes06-Sep9-10++701,000
Hyland L.06-Sep9-10++701,400
Jack Roper Res. L.06-Sep9-10++70800
Kerford L.06-Sep9-10++701,000
Monbulk Cr.

Retarding Basin06-Sep9-10++70800
Morwell L.06-Sep9-10++701,000
Nhill L.06-Sep9-10++70600
O'Keefes Dam06-Sep9-10++70400
Rawson Dam06-Sep9-10++70600
Rowville Lakes06-Sep9-10++70800
Russells Dam06-Sep9-10++70400
St. Georges L.06-Sep9-10++70800
Seagull L.06-Sep9-10++52800
Tea Tree L.06-Sep9-10++70400
The Gong06-Sep9-10++70400
Victoria L. - Chiltern06-Sep9-10++701,000
Victoria L. - Shepparton06-Sep9-10++701,000
Watonga Drive Dam1110+-600


This Information Note was developed by Charles Barnham PSM.