Native Fish Releases 1988 to 1992-93

Note number: FN 0118
Published: June 1998

The department's native fish stocking program is designed to enhance existing fish populations or establish new populations. Fish releases have two objectives: conservation, and the provision of recreational fishing opportunities. In the case of trout cod, the immediate aim is to ensure the survival of this endangered fish species.

Generally, species other than golden perch are stocked for 4 or 5 years and the stocked water is then monitored for survival and growth of stocked fish. Golden perch stockings are continuous in waters where significant returns are provided to recreational fishers

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A Additional fish stocked due to Green L. being closed because of blue-green algae.
C Purchase of stocked fish funded by angler client group.
D Additional release due to Mokoan L. being closed because of blue-green algae.
E Ex-brood fish from Snobs Creek Hatchery.
R Purchase of fish funded by Region.
Y Yearling fish (on-grown at Snobs Creek Hatchery).


This Information Note was developed by Charles Barnham PSM.