Lindsay River

The Lindsay River is a 32km anabranch of the Murray River in the remote north-west of the state close to the South Australian border. Flowing through beautiful river red gum and black box woodland, the Lindsay ranges from a few metres wide in its upper reaches, up to 100 metres wide nearer its confluence with the Murray River. In these larger sections, the average water depth is around 5 metres, with pools of over 8 metres deep in parts, making for ideal small-craft fishing.

Heavily littered with in-stream logs, the flow in the Lindsay is usually sluggish, with significant in-water vegetation during summer. A significant portion of the river lies within the stunning Murray-Sunset National Park, although be aware that all the tracks are dry weather only. There are no designated camping grounds, but tracks do lead to shady camp sites along the shore. Remember to check the canopy coverage before pitching a tent to avoid risks from falling branches.

The river provides the best fishing after a flush travels down the Murray and the water runs clearer. Good bank access makes for friendly shore-based fishing, where you can catch Murray cod, golden perch, and redfin. Fish surveys have revealed regular passage of fish between the Murray and the Lindsay, especially during spring and summer. Baits recommended for Murray cod and golden perch are yabbies, shrimps, mussels, and bardi grubs, alongside the non-traditional cheese and chicken. In clearer water, spinnerbaits and crankbaits become a great alternative to bait.