Kings Billabong

Known by locals for its idyllic beauty, Kings Billabong is one not to miss on your trip to Victoria’s north-west. In recent years, habitat restoration projects have secured Kings Billabong as a natural wetland of significant cultural and ecological value. Improvements to fishing platforms, kayak launching facilities, and boat ramps have further cemented its value as a fishery, with enhanced access for all.

The relatively shallow and warm waters of the billabong are ideal for native fish, with a good population of golden perch, silver perch and Murray cod, bolstered by VFA’s stocking efforts. Fishing around the entire shoreline of Kings Billabong is not possible due to cumbungi reeds, but with the newly added fishing platforms, or a kayak or boat, plenty of access is possible.

The billabong can be dissected into many small pockets of varying depth and in-water timber structure, offering variety for bait and lure fishing. Targeting structure is a crucial element to success, although its best to avoid casting into weed beds to prevent fouling your lure or bait.

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