Gunbower Creek

Gunbower Creek is a 60-kilometre long anabranch of the Murray River, flowing from south of Gunbower to Koondrook with river red gum dominated forests and bountiful birdlife lining its banks. The creek forms the south-western boundary of Gunbower Island, which boasts the record of the largest inland permanent island in the southern hemisphere. Up to 35 metres wide in parts, its impressive size and abundant fallen timber and weed beds demands it not be overlooked as a serious angling waterway.

Fishing from small craft or straight from the shore is the perfect way to tackle this creek, with significant stretches of excellent bank access along its length. At times, the creek becomes narrower (around 18 metres) just north of Cohuna prior to re-entering the Murray at Koondrook, although still accommodates anglers in small boats.

The Gunbower contains abundant golden perch, large Murray cod, and some redfin. Targeting these bigger fish is best with large surface lures or baits cast at snags. Spinnerbaits and 130mm deep diving crankbaits are also effective cast or trolled.

To top it all off, Gunbower Island State Forest provides kilometres of pristine bush habitat to explore and camp amongst. Formed campgrounds and caravan parks are also available nearby Gunbower itself.

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