Victoria’s south west and spectacular Grampians offer fantastic fishing for a range of freshwater species. Iconic native fish like Murray cod, golden perch and Australian bass are complemented by big brown and rainbow trout, prized Chinook salmon and unique tiger trout. Several of the south west’s lakes attract fishers from interstate for the chance at a truly trophy fish, thanks largely to unique ecosystems that support big populations of baitfish.

The Crater Lakes, comprising lakes Purrumbete and Bullen Merri, provide world class fishing in extinct volcanoes for big trout and salmon. Purrumbete also offers terrific redfin, while Bullen Merri is home to big bass if you’re up for the challenge.

The Grampians’ lakes vary, with some around Halls Gap exhibiting almost alpine characteristics with clear, cold and deep water, while others are shallow and snaggy waterways better suited to native fish.

Rocklands Reservoir is on the rise as a mixed fishery with already established trout and redfin fishing and a rapidly growing reputation for golden perch and Murray cod. In the eyes of many, Rocklands is on the cusp of greatness and set to rival Lake Eildon thanks to record stockings in recent years. Some are already calling it Codlands!

Lakes Wartook, Bellfield, Lonsdale, and Fyans offer still-water fishing for a mixture of Murray cod, golden perch, and stocked trout. Several of these waters are reliable for redfin too, and grow yabbies which are highly regarded on the table and as bait.