Howqua and Goulburn arms

At the alpine end of Lake Eildon, you will find the Howqua and Goulburn arms. These stunning inlets provide great year-round fishing as they cascade from the High Country.

Bank access is difficult in both arms, so the majority of fishing is undertaken from boats. Excellent golden perch fishing is available especially as the water warms in spring, usually around rock walls or large submerged timber. The main attraction at this end of Lake Eildon, however, is Murray cod. Trout trolling is also popular in the open water during the cooler months, or in the arms as trout return from the inflowing rivers after spawning in spring.

Access at Goughs Bay or public ramps varies depending on the height of the lake. Access is also on offer from the Mansfield-Woods Point Road or via the Howqua Valley Holiday Park. Alternatively, access the Goulburn River at the ramp before the Jamieson Bridge.

Rainbow and brown trout can be targeted in a variety of ways with trolling a favourite. Casting lures is popular too. Murray cod will take large lures on the troll and cast spinnerbaits. Swimbaits have become increasingly popular and catch a lot of big cod, particularly early and late in the day. Surface lures, especially those cast at night from a boat, are always in with a chance and entertain with huge surface explosions of water when cod inhale the lure. For golden perch, baits like yabbies and scrub worms are effective, as are smaller trolled hard-body lures and cast lipless crankbaits.

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