Goughs Bay and Big River

The far side of Lake Eildon in the shadow of Mt Buller are the river arms that feed much of the inflow into the lake. The water is deep and clear, and the area is essentially submerged riverbeds. The navigable length of both arms depends on the lake level at the time.

If Bonnie Doon is more about golden perch and redfin, the southern end is better known for trout and now Murray cod. Trout trollers in particular love the Goulburn and Big River arms in autumn and winter. Redfin are caught by bait fishing in the trees around Goughs Bay and the mouth of both arms in amongst submerged trees. Golden perch frequent the same areas and are found right up both arms. They can get big but are fewer in number compared to the northern end. This area has a considerable reputation for Murray cod, especially in winter which is prime time to target them on large lures.

The many bays between Goughs and the start of the Big River Arm boast amazing habitat for cod and are best targeted by casting into cover. There is shore-based fishing to be had around the foreshore at Goughs Bay where any of the target species can be caught.

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