Falls Creek

Falls Creek in the Bogong High Plains is a premier all-season alpine resort, best known for its vibrant village and the largest ski field in the region. At over 1700 metres above sea level, Falls Creek and surrounds are home to the highest trout bearing lakes in Australia, with Rocky Valley and Pretty Valley reservoirs known for their brown and rainbow trout. Each provides excellent fishing in summer when their altitude offers a cool climate. In winter they aren’t a reliable option as they become snowbound and can even ice over at times. Falls Creek’s ski and mountain biking facilities provide a terrific upside for fishers to enjoy during the warmer months.

Rocky Valley Reservoir

Even though Rocky Valley is only small at roughly 9 kilometres long and 2.5 kilometres wide, its significance as a fishery should not be underestimated. It provides a unique alpine experience thanks to its large snow melt catchment. Located a short distance from the Falls Creek village, Rocky Valley is often selected as a venue for the National Fly-Fishing Championships and is one of few locations where catching a wild trout more than four kilograms is a distinct possibility. Trout are taken during the day around the one-kilogram mark or smaller. Larger trout tend to feed early and late in the day. Access is very good with picnic facilities and two boat ramps suitable for small craft located on the eastern and western sides of the dam wall. Both boat and bank fly fishing are popular. There is great access to most of the northern and eastern banks from Bogong High Plains Road with a mixture of habitats including shallow margins, rocky outcrops, and deep drop offs. From the shoreline, bait fishing is effective as the main diet of trout in the lake is mudeye and terrestrial insects or smaller trout. Fly fishers enjoy great fishing east of the dam wall and on the southern side. Boat based fishers predominantly trolling or drift the shoreline and cast lures.

Click here for information on Bogong High Plains Roads Ramp and Lower Lake Road Ramp.

Pretty Valley Reservoir

Only a few kilometres away, Pretty Valley is higher and more exposed than Rocky Valley. The slightly stained water is also stable and more fertile that Rocky Valley, with more weed growth and tussock lined edges giving a habitat suited to well-conditioned trout. It is a beautiful lake in a stark and open alpine landscape. Boats are not permitted so shore-based fishing is the only option. At roughly a kilometre long, it’s the perfect size to explore on foot and lends itself to lure casting or fly fishing. Both brown and rainbow trout are present but like Rocky Valley, there are significantly more browns.

Smaller waters

Aside from the two reservoirs, there’s also stunning Lake Guy at the Bogong Village, which has toilets, picnic tables and fireplace/barbeque. The aqueducts and nearby streams like Rocky Valley Creek, Pretty Valley Creek, Fainter Creek and the headwaters of the East Kiewa River all provide unique small-water fly fishing.