If you're someone who enjoys the great outdoors or tasting world famous wines, the High Country has all the things to keep you busy while your partner, friend or family member catches a fish. The High Country has a range of activities to enjoy individually or as a group.


Leave the city behind as you venture into pristine alpine wilderness, lush valleys and winding waterways. You can be an adrenaline junkie who enjoys rock climbing, abseiling, or hang gliding at Mount Buffalo, or enjoy a casual bushwalk to spot wildlife.

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Food and wine

Visit restaurants and wineries across the High Country's eight diverse wine regions, where their menus are constantly changing. Learn about the history of wine making in the region and what makes it so unique, as well as tasting local produce that changes with the seasons.

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Art tour

Delve into rich and vibrant street art to hear stories of bushrangers, miners, pioneers and soldiers from 1880 to today. Gain a greater understanding of Victoria's culture and history, including silo art trails and street art; there's something for everyone.

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Road trip

If you enjoy a weekend of exploring the countryside in your car, then enjoy one of many road trips across the High Country. Distances vary between one to five hours, and you can create your own journey visiting the many unique towns across the region.

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